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September 23, 2020

With the toothpaste in hand, I squeezed out a thick line onto my toothbrush. The steam clears. A loud sigh escapes from my mouth. In the mirror, a blurry reflection stares back. I see someone. Someone who's disappointed. Disappointed with what? What is their problem? 

I see someone who is a little lost - someone with many dreams, many aspirations and many hopes. They want to see the world, one trip at a time. They want to be the best in art, writing, creating and so much more. They want to find a soulmate, wherever he or they may be. I think they just need to focus on each one, slowly.

I see someone who needs some self-love - someone with a tilted perspective. They hate their curly hair that's always frizzy. They hate their body that always looked disgusting. They hate their inadequate assets that nobody would find appealing.  I think they need to treat themselves better, only with love, will they finally feel good.

I see someone who feels lonely - someone with nothing. They have no friends who would care. They have no one to turn to who would care. They have nobody in their life who would care. I think they need to remember that they have friends and family, people who do genuinely care.

The steam clears fully. The reflection is me, obviously. Who else could it be? Everything I thought about them should apply to me too. But, I don't. I want them to know and believe they're good. But, not for me. I need to treat them like me. They're good. They're... good. I'm... good. 
In less than a week, I will be 18 years old. I look at my reflection - the crow's feet, the moobs, the... everything. Don't get me wrong though! I don't hate myself but I don't love myself either. However, with this story prompt, I tried to change that perspective.


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