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September 23, 2020

With the toothpaste in hand, I squeezed out a thick line onto my toothbrush. The steam clears. A loud sigh escapes from my mouth. In the mirror, a blurry reflection stares back. I see someone. Someone who's disappointed. Disappointed with what? What is their problem? 

I see someone who is a little lost - someone with many dreams, many aspirations and many hopes. They want to see the world, one trip at a time. They want to be the best in art, writing, creating and so much more. They want to find a soulmate, wherever he or they may be. I think they just need to focus on each one, slowly.

I see someone who needs some self-love - someone with a tilted perspective. They hate their curly hair that's always frizzy. They hate their body that always looked disgusting. They hate their inadequate assets that nobody would find appealing.  I think they need to treat themselves better, only with love, will they finally feel good.

I see someone who feels lonely - someone with nothing. They have no friends who would care. They have no one to turn to who would care. They have nobody in their life who would care. I think they need to remember that they have friends and family, people who do genuinely care.

They need to know they're good. I want them to know, to believe they're good... They're good... I'm... good. 
In less than a week, I will be 18 years old. I look at my reflection - the crow's feet, the moobs, the... everything. Don't get me wrong though! I don't hate myself but I don't love myself either. However, with this story prompt, I tried to change that perspective.


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