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The elusive socks

By: Starcatcher


Here is the top draw of the cupboard, the native habitat of the elusive socks.Every once or twice a week they migrate to the great washing machine to freshen up. 

They are very sociable creatures that are often seen in packs, and mate for life They are the only known animals in the whole Entire world that unproduces, meaning their population actively disappears over time, until you are stuck with two mixed matched socks.

They come in a great range of colours, to warn off predators that they would taste disgusting. The most common are the basic black/white socks, most commonly seen at schools.

all in all they are a good pet for beginners as they don't eat much and are easily cleaned. But do carfully watch them as they might just dissapear


I tried comedy, um..... yeah. If you want i would love to see more of these with every day house hold objects so if you do, do one I would love for you to put it in the comments. 

Peer Review

I loved the animalisation(?? lol) of socks. Very creative!

I think you could develop a bit more why you call them elusive. Why are they so hard to find, how do they get lost etc.

Reviewer Comments

Nice and very funny piece! And original too! Congrats!