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September 16, 2020

The following is an excerpt from the data collection entitled "Observations on the Human Species", compiled by Nablic intergalactic researcher Gishark. To view his entire research study, please visit the Nablic Central Archives.

The Fictional Skoob
    A skoob, while sometimes found digitally, is traditionally a physical object made from paper and bound in a variety of materials, such as leather or more paper. The markings of the human language are found on the pages of the skoob. Due to their inability to perform osmosis, humans must actually read the markings in the skoob in order to gain the information contained within. Humans have been recording and passing on information and knowledge through skoobs since the early days of their evolution.
    My research on Earth led me to a very mysterious and confusing discovery concerning the skoob. While many skoobs contain necessary and helpful information for humans to record and pass on, a surprising number of skoobs are completely fictitious. 
    Despite my extensive research, the purpose behind creating a fictitious skoob continues to elude me. Without the ability of osmosis, it takes humans much longer to obtain information, leading me to my main question: Why in the ever expanding universe would a being waste their time taking in fabricated information? 
    One possibility a colleague of mine, the intergalactic psychologist Murubima, suggested is that fictitious skoobs are created less for their readers and more for their creators themselves. Based on her observations, creators of fictitious skoobs use their writing as a dumping ground for their thoughts, ideas, emotions, and scatter-brained day dreams. They record their fantastical mind-concoctions in order to cope with their own difficulties and life situations. This hypothesis is well grounded, however, my research found that these fictitious skoobs are still quite popular among the human species, despite their complete and utter lack of useful, practical information.
    I hope to travel back to Earth within the next few decades in order to continue my research on the skoob and its place in human society. Perhaps more experimentation will reveal the elusive purpose of the fictional skoob.
Ah yes, the fictional skoob. One of humanity's greatest achievements. I feel like to a super advanced alien society, however, fictional books would seem very pointless (which is super sad; they don't know what they're missing out on!)
Also, I've never really written sci-fi/alien stuff before, so I don't really know what happened inside my brain last night while I was writing this... oh well :)


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  • Eblinn

    I absolutely love this! ah, don't we humans love skoobs?
    This makes me wonder, do other living beings know such things as books?
    Great piece!

    8 months ago