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an untitled prose about love and all those other fickle things (aka, i'm getting more comfortable both being and writing cliches)

September 16, 2020


you're sitting in a car with someone whose smile is like a sunrise.
your heart is pounding, but you don't know why.
this feels criminal, and, although it is not, you're terrified that someone may see the way you're staring and dial 911. you're not exactly sure what they'd say, but people always find something to talk about, so, as you step out of the car and cross that diner parking lot, you keep your head down and pray.

words have never come easy to you, though, and that sentiment rings true as your lungs freeze up and time slows, and you're seconds away from just giving up, but then, they grab your hand and your lips find a sweet refrain; the melodic syllables of their name.

you won't know you're in love then, but that's where it'll start;
an empty parking lot, wrapped in their sweater, with their hand in yours.

you'll know when you're sitting in that tiny diner, watching them pour sugar and cream into their coffee. you see the slight hint of a smile dance across their lips and you realize they look angelic.

and even though that feeling of these emotions being criminal hasn't stopped, your heart does.

you question everything you've ever known
about them,
about yourself,
about love and all the ways it comes.

you feel the ridges of those words form on the tip of your tongue,

"i love you,"

 and you're so close to saying them, 
but then they catch you staring and that slice of heaven is broken by the sharp corners of their crystal laugh echoing around your head.

you won't know it then, but it will be the first time of many shattered moments.

so, you smile, roll up an empty sugar packet with shaking hands, throw it at them, and try not to let those words slip from your tongue.

that's when you'll know you're in love.


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  • Anne Blackwood

    I totally love this it's amazing! And that quote in your message board is definitely calling me out XD.

    3 months ago