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September 15, 2020

she ran through the stretch of gold, spinning in circles, watching her dress fly around her and feeling the sun beat down on her face
to most it was just an overgrown field on the side of the highway, but to her it was a magical fairy land
she dropped to her knees, flattening the dew-speckled grass beneath her, as she reached for one of the many fluffy white flowers and rubbed it against her cheek
it was warm and soft, like a blanket and a mug of hot cocoa, and parts of it flaked off into individual beautiful stalks as she pulled it away
they floated gently down, landing on her bare knees before sliding down into nothingness
she gently teased the rest off and released them into the air, watching them go, utterly amazed
it was a dandelion, but she didn't know that then
so she plucked another from the ground, one after another, blowing them all and growing delighted as each one took flight, landing in her hair or tickling her nose
when finally there were no more to pick she blew the last one softly, savoring the shine of sun on each tiny seed, as they all drifted away, leaving just her and the field behind


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  • Anlee

    woahhhh this is so beautiful <33 phenomenal imagery~ I feel like I'm actually watching the protagonist! so lovely

    6 months ago