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Msixes within the homo-sapien society

September 15, 2020

Msixes (mex-es) is one of the key characteristics of the primate species known as 'homosapiens' (also referred to as 'humans'). Msixes is the deep rooted belief that the females of this species, that is to say those with female reproductive systems, hold a lesser place in homo-sapien civilization. Interestingly, even the name 'homo-sapien' refers directly to only the male members of the human race. This belief that males are superior seems to stem from the fact that the female birth the young, and should therefore have a more sedentary servitile role. Despite humans seeming relatively advanced, with complex hierarchical structures, extensive colonies and fascinating technology, the primal idea of msixes still persists. In current homo-sapien culture te females are often treated as inferior or capable only for certain roles, such as gathering food or raising young. Many colonies even have rules limiting the freedoms of females, bizarrely limiting 50% of their species to menial jobs. Even in other more progressive colonies, where females on the surface seem to have the same opportunities as males, the females are still expected to raise the young, often single handedly, and also suffer abuse at the hands of the other sex, for no reason other than their genitals. It is fascinating how this civilization has evolved while continuing to oppress so many of its peoples.


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