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if i had an hour to live

September 21, 2020


If I had one hour to live
I am a very organized person. EvRyThInG is planned and written beforehand in my diary. So after my death, I wouldn't have to shout on people to do it the right way.

60 Minutes left
I would have first told my parents and my sister. Maybe I could have started 10 minutes argument with my sister about gossips and closet basically everything we share. P.S. How will my soul rest in peace if we won't fight. So finally I would have given her all my clothes and EvRyThInG I own. 

50 minutes left
Next, I would call My best friends, and surprisingly I would have asked both of them to sing something for me. Let one of them be M. I would love to listen to her song and die. Anyways it's deadly. Then I don't have the strength to talk any furthermore to her because she will cry and I wouldn't let her be miserable till I die. I would tell her how much I love her. Will miss you, sweetie.

40 minutes left
Then let's call my other best friend T. I would go to my grave only after seeing him successful. (that's the level of my support sweetie.) One of my last wishes was flaunting Sabyasachi saree remember? So since I don't have that much time. I would have given him a part of my diary written for him. So that he remembers me. Even though I wouldn't be on Earth I will assure him that I will be alive there with him. Helping out in all odds. If the world's not perfect it's not that bad, of we have each other and that's all we have. These would be my last words to him. By now I will be crying. I would also tell one of 'em to post about my death on wtw and prose. You all are my family. And I wouldn't have the strength to talk to a special person. I have written a letter to him in my diary which I would give T to give it to him..( T don't worry it has an address)

30 Minutes left
I would have a bar of chocolate and Rajma Chawal by mum. Who body shames corpses.

20 Minutes left
I would spend my time with someone I love. Actually I need to confess a lot of things to my parents. Firstly I would give them my writing diary, passwords, locked files basically everything. My diary has a part dedicated to things I have never told anyone and I tell my parents to read it after I die. Also, I would tell them to publish my work. All my write-ups mean a lot to me.

10 Minutes left
 I fear oblivion. I want to be remembered. Till I am alive, this fear was killing me from within. But after death, it won't. 

2 Minutes left
My work can make me immortal. I believe.

1 Minute left

Bye-bye, this beautiful world. I pray for all these people mentioned above. Almighty make there lives easier without me. *Winks*
word count 519
so this is written for theprose weekly challege


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  • xXlunagirlXx

    ... If I had an hour.... I wouldn't even be able to see my boyfriend... I think the sadness in that would kill me

    2 months ago
  • Smruti Swarupa Mahapatra

    Have you seriously made a organized form of what to do before dying? Still, it's so sweet of you

    2 months ago
  • Jasmine khawar

    You're so sweet! This piece is so emotional T^T
    I don't want to lose my loved ones <3

    2 months ago