Peer Review by Veronica Rosses (United States)

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who would care? || Mental Health Matters (18)

By: HelpMe512


sometimes i wonder
who would care
if i left
to run away

at first i thought
no one
but i realized soon
that wasn't true

that was just anxiety talking
and the list of people
who would miss me
is much longer
than i would have imagined

that's great but no one would miss me
maybe you're thinking
but i know with certainty
that you are wrong

for one thing
i'd miss you
your family would miss you
even if they don't show it

your friends
both online and in person
would all miss you
because your friendship
is priceless

your pet
the worker at the store you always go to
the people you play video games with
that one kid who smiles at you in the hall
the one kid you smile at that no one else does
they would all miss you

running away from our problems
seems easier
but you have someone
who stands by you
you just have to take
a closer look

someone out there loves you, even if you can't see it. remember to stay safe, drink some water, and take care of yourselves <3

Peer Review

You really cot my eye and I really enjoyed this. It was truly beautiful and lovely and can't wait to read more like. And this is a topic that does not get talked about much but does need to be brought up. Because we are loved by many people around us. anyways great writing you did fantastically on this piece.

I love the topic and the way you worded it and how it all fell together marvelous. Can't wait to read more of your work.

Reviewer Comments

Wow, I truly loved the words that you used it really was beautiful and just perfect. Great job...