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September 15, 2020


Long ago, a beautiful girl lived with her father.
She reminded him of his dear wife, who had died during childbirth. Eventually, the man took a second wife, completely unaware of her heartlessness . The woman's twin daughters were selfish and jealous of their step-sister Cinderella. They would always come up with silly plans in order to make Cinderella's life miserable.
One day their father had to travel a faraway kingdom.
From the very next day she was made to do all the house-hold work.
She washed the dishes, swept floors, and scrubbed the bath, basins and sinks. She had to wear rags to dress herself, while the twins wore the prettiest dresses. She was made to live in the cellar while her step-sisters slept in the room that had once belonged to her.
And then step-mommie woke up. Such a nice dream. Seriously? Her father is alive.
Cinderella loved her pets. She would feed them herself in the morning.
And ate half of their food.Never mind. 
"Look at her," said one of the twins. " Her best friends are
dogs and rats. Ewwww."
"Get lost morons," said Cinderella.
"You're a wild, uncultured swine Cinderella."
"At least I don't fart in the presence of our mother's guests."
Ouch. Her twins' faces turned red.
"HOW DARE YOU S-", but before they could complete Cinderella stood up tall and muscular.
"Or what pussy cats? You'll fight me?"
They couldn't. So they turned around and went away burning with rage.
One day the king's son decided to host a great ball. He invited young lords and ladies from the finest households in the land.
Rumors spread that the prince was ready to take a bride. Cinderella's step-sisters spent all their time in trying new gowns, shoes and jewellery. Meanwhile Cinderella was busy reading her book.
She was calm and was enjoying her company. Seeing this, the twins decided to poke her.
"Are you planning to wear those rags in the ball Cinderella?" said one of the twins.
"None of your business" snapped Cinderella.
"Aggh! Aren't you excited?"
"For what?"
"The ball"
"But why?"
"Why will I be excited?"
"The prince is planning to take a bride!" said the twins together.
This got Cinderella's attention and she said," He's planning to get the love of his life within six hours? Dumbass."
Finally, the day of the ball arrived. Cinderella's step-sisters were beside themselves with excitement. They caught sight of Cinderella.
"Oh! Poor little sister. Mum didn't allow you to come?"said one twin.
"Who asked for her permission? I'm not coming because I don't want to be a part of this shitty ball."
The twins laughed and said," Good, because housemaids are not allowed."
"You want me to punch you in the face?" said Cinderella.
Of course they didn't. So they waited for the carriage to arrive quietly.
When her step-sisters and step-mother left she proceeded towards her bedroom to sleep.
Until, suddenly, she sensed the presence of someone else in the room. She turned around and found an old woman smiling kindly at her.
"Who are you?" she asked curiously.
"I am your Fairy Godmother."
"Am I dead then?" she said excitedly.
"Oh! No my poor little child. My heart pains when I see you. I know your true wishes sweetheart."
"Oh yeah I'm hungry what are we eating then?" said Cinderella excitedly.
Fairy Godmother did not know what to say.
"So , you want to go to the ball right?"
"Oh. Ah. Well, you should."
"You want to eat the tasty food there?"
"Oh yeah! I'm in."
So the fairy Godmother asked her to bring a pumpkin.
"Pumpkin? For what?" asked Cinderella.
"To go to the ball sweetheart" exclaimed the fairy.
"Oh. Wow. Riding a pumpkin sounds fun", said Cinderella sarcastically.
"Patience dear", said the fairy jovially.
She took out her magic wand and pointed it at Cinderella.
"Are you planning to beat me with this stick of yours? Don't you dare! I'll break your ancient bones", said Cinderella in a slightly raised voice.
"Oh no no no no! My poor child!" cried the fairy.
She touched Cinderella lightly on the shoulder with her magic wand. Suddenly, she was wearing the most beautiful gown with a delicate pair of glass slippers on her feet.
Cinderella was stunned.
"Now you're ready for the ball",cried the fairy cheerfully.
She then waved her wand at the pumpkin and transformed it into a beautiful golden coach.
She waved her wand turning mice into majestic horses and a rat into a coachman.
"Now off you go! But remember- return before midnight. My spells will expire at the stroke of twelve", the Fairy Godmother said.
On seeing Cinderella everyone thought a princess has arrived. The prince quickly dashed out to escort her into the ballroom.
He was bewitched by her beauty. Everyone turned to stare at them. Her step-sisters and step-mother failed to recognize her. She danced gracefully with the prince.
"You're beautiful", said the prince.
"I'm hungry", she whispered under her breath.
 After sometime a lavish feast was served the prince ate nothing he was so absorbed in her beauty while Cinderella went on eating. Suddenly, Cinderella heard the clock strike eleven forty-five. She had completely lost track of time. Her heart raced, she wanted to eat more but could not , she curtseyed to the prince and made her way through the packed ballroom as quickly as she can. The prince was taken aback. He stood perplexed for a moment and then ran after her. He reached the door just in time to see Cinderella climb her golden coach leaving behind her glass slipper. As the carriage disappeared into the night. He picked up the slipper, lost in love.
Cinderella reached home just in time and found herself on foot without the coach and the horses. She was wearing her old shabby dress and only had the glass slipper as a memory of the night. She hid the glass slipper and went to sleep and found herself dreaming about the delicious food she had. Oh! how she wished to have that feast everyday.
When the twins arrived they were crestfallen as the prince took little notice of them. They kept on bitching about the princesses who had won his attention.
The next morning the whole town was talking about the heart broken Prince. While Cinderella lay on her couch lazily , dreaming about the food she ate last night , saliva dripping from her half open mouth. When she woke up still lost in love( for the food) , she heard that the king had commanded his men to find the owner of the glass slipper so that his heartbroken son could marry her. They were to search every single house and were not allowed to rest until they found the girl. While Cinderella's heart sang to know that finally food and she will be united, she was also worried that she may not get the chance to try the slipper as nobody knew she went to the ball.
Finally after searching so many houses king's men arrived at Cinderella's home.
No matter how hard they tried, the twins could not make the glass slipper fit them. They made several excuses, like their feet must be swollen since the ball. But after sometime they gave up.
"Sir, may I try?" Cinderella said in a small voice. Her heart pounding. She was controlling her saliva from dripping.She could feel the liquid in her mouth.
The twins burst out laughing and ridiculed her. This made Cinderella angry. She slapped both her sisters , her hand imprinted on their cheeks.
Her step-mother and the king's men were all astonished.
"Sir, may I try?" said Cinderella firmly.
After hesitating for few minutes they agreed.
Cinderella's step-sisters and step-mother watched in astonishment as the man motioned for Cinderella to sit as he fitted the shoe.
The glass slipper fitted her perfectly as if it was made for her, which matter-of-factly was made for her.
"I have the other one with me", Cinderella said as she took it out from her pocket.
As soon as she put on the other glass slipper she found herself wearing the same stunning gown again. The king's men bowed to her at once. Cinderella could not control herself. She started jumping and dancing. Food and Cinderella united after all. Her step-mother was standing like a statue. Her step-sisters begged her for forgiveness. Cinderella had no intention of sharing her food with her step-sisters so she punched them cheerfully and kept on dancing.
The king's men escorted Cinderella to the palace. The prince could barely contain his joy. He found her more charming than ever. Her father returned home and he was so merry.
After the marriage ceremony, finally after so long Cinderella saw her favorite dishes in front of her. She could not control her tears. The juice, the spices, the soup. She licked every bit of food from the plate.
And then everyone lived happily ever after.
I've  hated Cinderella for being so helpless ,So I kind of changed her character and added an extra element in the story food which for me is definitely my true love !


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