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Walk Forwards into Light

September 15, 2020


Look up from the shadows, child
All that consumes your mind
And find yourself surrounded by 
The brilliant daylight 

Untangle yourself from obsession
From the competition and the games
Turn your head to the stars
Remember your name 
I am called worthy, daughter of sun
I am named stardust and river and oak
The beginning of evening; the lavender smoke

Leave your prison behind, a cell of blue light
Become a wild clover or the string of a kite
Leap forward with faith, run toward with vigor 
Any embrace that will make your life bigger 
Jump off of cliffs into white golden rivers
Stand in the snow barefoot, crawl up your spine, a shiver
There is so much more to life than what you think it's made of
Behind every lie is the truth you're afraid of

Who am I? I question to imaginary crowds
Who respond with platitudes like, 
"You must first be lost to be found". 
But it all echoes wrong in my hollowed out chest
That knows I am meant for more than just
"Doing my best." 
I know as soon as I step outside
The answers find me, and oh my,
They burn bright
I am a sea of ancient red salt
I am a lake of silver and cobalt 
I am the petal of a rose or a cobweb 
covered tree
I am the last of the dying day's breeze
I am the greenest wave of the sea

I am so much more than they say I am meant to be.

We are the expansion of the universe; 
bound to dust mites, bound to everything.

I am designed by a world shaking master
I will not spend my days praying that they could go faster
When the dusk falls heavy and sends me to my knees
I will lay there, and pray there
So I can be free

And as I stand in quiet the answer to it all
Arrives in the form of a message so small

What if life could mean leaving your
darkness behind
What if I'm meant
to walk fowards into light


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