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There's this Simone de Beauvoir quote that goes, "When a girl climbs a tree, it is, according to Adler, to show her equality to boys. It does not occur to anyone that she likes climbing trees," tbh, I think about that quote anytime a boy in my class brushes off the blatant misogyny, or objectification of women in the literature books we read.

the only person who i can trust to love me stares back from the mirror and smiles

September 15, 2020


and it hit me like gunfire,
he didn't want to be loved

but deified.

he wanted to be put on a pedestal,
bowed to,
worshipped until halos formed
                                                         and angels sung the praises i never would.

he wanted a sacrifice of love,
a demonstration of my adoration;
he wanted that which i could never give, 

                                                                         my heart on a silver platter.

he wanted,
                    he wanted, 
                                        he wanted
                                                             so much,

                             and in the end,

i still wanted his love.
i just wanted someone to care,

so i promised i wouldn't cut my hair,
i swore to stop writing poetry,
and be the girl they all want me to be.

then, he left 
and lied,

and the part of me that still belonged to him died,

and left me here


all the boys at my very Christian online school want to talk soooooo much about their big boy ancient Greek idols and how ancient greece was the place to be, until you bring up how it would suck to be a woman back then because blatant MISOGYNY, and then they're all up at arms, like my dudes, pericles literally says that women's place is to be least talked about by men, which literally demonstrates that he didn't drink his respect women juice, but go off, sis <3.          men suck, jk but like not really


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  • Paisley Blue

    Love this so much <3 your writing is so amazing! Seriously i'm floored <3

    11 months ago
  • Hazel Nut

    I absolutely love this piece of writing, which is really rare for me. You had me from the start and kept me until the very last word. You should be very proud of this because when I read it, it makes my heart sing. Honestly, you have a gift. Sorry if I sound cringy, but this is great

    11 months ago