Never Enough My Darling.

September 16, 2020


Voices. Screeching. Echoing. Poisoning. 

My darling you are never, will never be good enough. Never acceptable enough to prosper. Not victorious enough to win. You don't possess the talent to be a star. You will never shine bright my darling. You aren't enough. You can't even be a kind person my darling. Accept your fate in Satan's grasp. You can't ever be more than evil my darling. You are nothing. An insignificant ant on under the sole of my shoe my darling. The world will ignore and forget you my darling.

My mind is a cacophony of deplorable truths. The facts smother me in self hate. It is a weed taking root in my darkest corners. Gracefully sitting on its throne of my self doubt. Its grey thorns dripping with poisonous words. Toxic. I am submerged in the facts I can't change, the reality I live in. Drowning in the symphony of soul shattering sound. It licks its ruby lips, revealing a grotesque and wicked and smile.

You are too hideous to be loved my darling.
I was inspired by a photo of Alice (in Wonderland) surrounded by the talking flowers. I was intrigued by the idea that they were the voices inside her head. It is an extremely loose interpretation. I hope this isn't too strange or confusing.


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  • xXlunagirlXx

    Reply: Thank you... I am coping by watching angels of death... My heart XD

    1 day ago