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The Wait

October 18, 2020


    "Is it almost here?" Lily asked impatiently, tugging on my dark blue jeans.
    I looked down at her, trying to push a smile onto my face. We were told that there were delays due to the forecast, but Lily and I had been waiting for over thirty minutes.
    "Almost, Lils," I told her, light ruffling her blond curls.
    "Why can't it come now?" she whined, and I crouched down to her level. Being only 5, she didn't understand why we had been standing inside the glass building for so long.
    "I can't control the weather, dear. I wish just as much as you for it to arrive soon. So do these other folks." I gestured to the families all huddled together nervously, waiting eagerly.
    "But they promised it would be here twenty minutes ago!" she complained, and started to cry.
    A young lady with dark brown hair and light blue eyes wearing a beige cardigan walked over to me as I tried to soothe my daughter. "It's been a rather long wait, hasn't it?" she asked in a charming British accent.
    Lily abruptly stopped sobbing at the woman's voice, peering up at her curiously. "You have a strange voice," she commented, and my face reddened at the remark.
    "Lily, that's not a very polite thing to say," I scolded her, but the lady laughed.
    "No, it's alright. I'm from a different place," she explained.
    My daughter's eyes widened at the words. "Different place? Where?"
    "It's called England," she replied.
    "I think I've heard of that name. Didn't Daddy go there once?" Lily asked me.
    "Yes, he went to visit an old friend there a few years ago." I turned to the woman and whispered, "Do you have any idea when it should arrive?"
    The smile on the lady's face faded. "I'm afraid not. Hopefully any minute now. But I refuse to leave until it does."
    The remark made me smile. "Same for us. My name's Miranda, by the way, and this is my daughter, Lily."
    "Pleasure to meet your acquaintance. My name is Amelia."
    "LOOK!" Lily shouted suddenly, running up to the glass window and pressing her face against it.
    Amelia and I turned, along with the rest of the people in the room. Most cried out with joy, running to join my daughter, some sobbing with relief.
    Everyone watched out the window intently, trying to find for the reason that they came and smiling tearfully when they succeeded.
    A few minutes later, I saw a familiar face enter the room along with half a dozen people, all dressed in the same uniform. He wore a uniform and was covered with bandages, scars, and scratches, but he was there in one piece. He was alive.
    Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Amelia tightly hugging a young man with tears streaming down her face. I walked over to the familiar figure, smiling with indescribable joy as Lily ran straight into his arms.
    Our family was reunited at last.
Prompt: Write a short story about waiting — but don't reveal what's being waited for until the very end.


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  • Paisley Blue

    Replying: I'm glad you've got the comment thing down :) I love your profile btw XD us broadway nerds have to stick together. Happy writing! <3

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  • Paisley Blue

    Hey! I know im a little late but welcome to wtw! If you ever need anything, comment on one of my pueces and I'll respond asap.
    This piece is really good. I love the way you describe the waiting, and Lily is written perfectly :D awesome piece!
    Its great to meet you! Hope your day is going well!
    (Oh also just a tip the people you are responding to don't get notified unless you comment on their piece. It's a slightly annoying, but necessary, hoop that we have to jump through. So when you respond to someone's comment, you just have to go onto one of their pieces).

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    If you're new welcome to WriteTheWorld! I'm just an ordinary person heh :)

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