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When I lay down.

September 13, 2020


The very second my feet are off the ground
The very second my butt sticks to the surface
The very second my back glues itself onto the surface as well
The very second my head rests back 

I no longer want to open my notebook to write another literary analysis
I no longer want to stare at a page of incomprehensible writing called 'math'
I no longer want to work on a project with my group through a small screen--which my group doesn't want to work either
I no longer want to interact with people I barely know, as I cannot be myself in front of them

Sitting up straight
Making sure to seem friendly 
Smiling as wide as I can
Trying not to show that I'm unbothered with a group of people who don't participate when they're in my screen 

My energy is drained 
I no longer want to do anything
May I rest in peace? 

So yeah this is my school life using ZOOM with BREAKOUT ROOMS where people don't talk!!!!!! 
I'm not sure if everyone knows what breakout rooms are (they're like digital rooms of people), but they are super awkward and even when I say something no one responds to me, they're utter silence. 


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  • Samina

    replying: thank you for deleting. I am so sorry for being rude but i hope u understand! :) sorry!

    about 1 year ago
  • Rohan’s Defender (Semi-Active)

    Re: thank you!!!! Yes, his name is Peregrin (but of course we call him Pippin) and he’s an almost 18-week old yorkiepoo! I love Sam too!! He’s so great! Sam is maybe my favorite LOTR character, but Pippin is a great character too and little pup is DEFINITELY a Pippin! And thanks about the profile picture! :) I totally understand about being busy!

    about 1 year ago
  • sci-Fi

    SO relatable. Luckily my school doesn't use Zoom, thank gods, but I've definitely been in this situation.

    about 1 year ago