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hi everyone <3
i appreciate and read all comments!!
"i will love you as misfortune loves orphans, as fire loves innocence and as justice loves to sit and watch everything go wrong." --lemony snicket

love for show and love for tell

September 12, 2020


love for show: 
rings with stones as big as craters
broadcast vows, template promises
love for tell: 
whispered promises in the night
only stars as witness
no one to eavesdrop but the moon
and her ever-watching sister
i wonder when i stopped being my own name and started being mrs. your's
i don't remember the first time
you introduce me as your wife instead of by my name
(we don't belong to each other, we belong with each other)
you come home from work
and i check the meatloaf.
i wonder when we became what we vowed we would never become
but what do vows really mean anyway
in the grand scheme of things?
you open the fridge. 
find beer for you, white wine for me.
(i've always preferred red)
we sit at the table
how are you?
good, how are you?
no point in fishing any deeper. 
it took me five years of therapy to learn that it's not worth lying
but sometimes i still do it anyway.
we look at the small seed we have created
and i ask myself
and i know you're asking, too:
when did our love become for show and not for tell?
and above all, i am afraid. 
the meatloaf is just the wrong side of burned. 
(do we belong with each other?)
taking a different perspective :)


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