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Nothing is easy, but that's what makes us stronger.
"A little nonsense now and then, is cherished by the wisest men." - Roald Dahl


September 12, 2020


    What kind of ending do you like?
    Happy endings? Sad endings? Inspiring endings?
    You help someone and you hope to get the same help back, but you don't.
    You slowly walk through life and one day you turn back to realize how much scars people have left on you because of their carelessness. Then you thought if you also did the same to someone else.
    You slowly walk through the forest and trees left marks on you.
    You thought, this is just like life. No matter where I go, there's going to be scars on me.
    Scars all over you, but you didn't give up.
    No matter how much this story looks like it leads to horror. You still walk towards the happy ending.
    I assure you, you'll get the ending you want because you're unique and you deserve it.


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