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Hiya! I hope you like my ramblings and ponderings - any and all constructive criticism is pretty much guaranteed to be met with a 'yay!' Please note British English spellings ;)

A Statement

April 26, 2015



We said we'd be wild for a night.

Just one night, just to try it, see what it felt like.

It was going to be our secret safari.

Popping corks.

Glass glint in moonlight.

Fizzing in the pits of our chests.

We stood and laughed and let the sea steal sand between our toes.

And we held hands and I kissed one of them but I can't remember who.

Someone suggested we climb up to the cloud castles and that seemed legitimate so

We left the world and our phones behind on the beach. 

Up steps onto grass through long grass

Knees to the ground.

More kissing, I still can't remember who.

Up more steps and more steps and more steps, still laughing as if we could

Choke up our dull, unwild selves.

Oh and somebody chucked up too but it wasn't me I swear. 

Even more laughing.

Cringey singing and then dancing because that's what wild is.

It's cringey by the morning.

No it's painful.


He grabbed my hands again and spinned me.

Or maybe the skies spinned.

It was all fun and funny but then he let


That's when I fell over again.

He kept on spinning. 






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