I'm Issy.
I'm 14 and an aspiring artist and author.
Black Lives matter.
Bi puns
Murder mystery TV shows
Shakespeare poetry
I can't even be bothered writing them all down
Have a nice day

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Remember to write even if you think you are bad at it, you're not

The Beginning of September

September 11, 2020


My world is frozen 
In an eternal winter
My angels dozing 
My friendships splintered 

When those I thought 
Could be trusted with life 
Now conversing fraught 
Their fickle words start strife 

These people of land 
These demons of night 
Our uttered words planned
I banish torn fright 

Now forlorn do I whimper 
In betrayal of trust 
Their smiles only were simpers 
Now our bond covered in rust 

Her words I remember 
But how she would try 
To say my beginning to September 
Would be naught but a lie 

Her twisted tongue
Her words meant to play 
For church-bells rung 
At the end of the day . . . 

Her word I still remember 
Though doubtful she be
As the beginning of September 
'Twas beginning the end of me

When she said what she thought 
Like it wouldn't lose a life 
Her words cut though air fraught 
A rusted, sharpened, knife 

So in tartan skirts I morn 
For what I thought was a friend 
Who now makes me forlorn 
And she would have my end 


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