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eloquence of torture

By: ~Zoe N~


a figure is silhouetted against the sanguine sky / tread lightly over the ghosts of our dead memories / weeping / bloody tears / eloquence of the torture / we suffer / there is beauty / in this never-ending agony /  it is serendipity / that we meet / today / in this ethereal world / a translucent wall / separates us from what we love /  no matter how hard we struggle / we are restrained / a homesickness / to return to a home we never had / a world we never knew.


Message to Readers

Re-Published, first written in August

Peer Review

I was surprised that someone could write about pain in such a clear and beautiful way.

I can’t really think of anything that needs to be expanded upon, but if you wanted to go more in-depth on something I think the translucent wall part would be a good place to do so.

Reviewer Comments

I loved this! Sorry I didn’t give you much constructive feedback, but it was hard to find something. Keep up the awesome stuff!