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September 11, 2020

By this point I've made extremely hurtful arguments with my closest friends into a sport. 
    I will start by telling you this; I don/'t follow sports. It's just not my thing. I don't watch rugby, I'm not tuned in to the Tour De France, watching it between lecturing my geology students, the way my dad is. And I don't know the names of all the best tennis players in the world. But I do enjoy sports. 
    When I was six or seven I played netball. I remember going to the club-rooms after playing a game of it, getting sweets and a whole large can of Fanta -which was a rare thing for a young child-, and spending a voucher for subway -that I'd earned for being the hardest trier in one of my lessons- afterwards. We never went to Subway when I was a little kid, so it was a special occasion to spend one of our vouchers there. 
    When I was nine I did athletics for a while, it was called Little Athletics and was quite fun. I was reasonably good at some of it, too. I especially enjoyed using the pool-noodle-javelins, which I was very good at throwing. 
    Recently -just as quarantine started- I decided to become good at swimming. I have never been fantastic at swimming, I remember being scared I wouldn't be able to swim well enough at the age you had to be able to swim, but maybe I was underestimating my own ability at it, because I wasn't terrible at it either. Recently I became much better at it though, good enough to almost beat my mum in a one-lap race. 
    But now, now there's nothing to do for sport. I suppose trampoline counts, now that I think about it, but you can't do things like swimming or tennis. 
    So yes, I have been reduced from a great, semi-sport-loving, being, into this; making a sport of arguing with friends and not replying to their emails. It is a sad, sad day for people who are borderline sporty.
This piece spoke for itself and I don't have anything to put here, in the footnotes. Hello supreme human-being. *Waves and smiles.*


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  • Pravartika Wankhede

    *claps very relatable, very raw. also i am a fellow (as you call it) 'borderline sporty' though it owes much to the fact i was FORCED into tennis for EIGHT years. hope you'll understand: TENNIS SUCKS.

    8 months ago