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Lilly Evans (Potter) Diary Part 5

September 9, 2020


September 1st (Evening)
Dear Diary,
I am in my bed now, writing quickly before the lights are turned out, so that's why my handwriting is so bad. Bear with me. 
Anyways, Brighten isn't back from the Hospital wing yet. Professor Jaime says she had a minor condition of Transfigure backlash, and would feel better in a day or so. Joy, who has practically read every book out there in the magical world, says she doesn't remember reading anything about Transfigure backlash, which is strange. Nevertheless, I will be glad when Brighten gets back. She is quite outgoing and brings a lot of laughter to our dorm. 
When Joy and I were exploring the castle before class, we accidentally stumbled upon the Potions class room. Professor Slughorn didn't send us out right away because I had a question on the pre reading before we went to class. He happily answered my question, but Joy did not seem to enjoy it. She was very very quiet (more than usual) and pulled on my sleeve and said something about homework. In her defense, the Potions classroom is quite dark and ominous. Not exactly the most welcoming room. 
On our way out of Potions, we bumped into Severus. He was stomping away from the stairs, not looking happy at all. I asked him what was wrong, but he just shrugged and left. I don't know what to do with him. I think he is being made fun of, but I don't know how to help. 
Oh my! I just looked back at my terrible handwriting! Sorry about that! 
The last lights out call just came. I better go. 
Until next time, 


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  • Coolgirl2020 (LOVE YA ALL)

    Replying: Aw, your request is so sweet! But I think that three series at a time is enough for me. ;) You can always go back and re read my Cedric + Hermione series. Hopefully, that will last you until I finish one of my series (I promise one of them will be finished soon). Anyway, do you like DC? Because I was considering doing a DC series, but if you like HP better, I’m fine with that.

    5 months ago