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How To Overcome Any Emotion With Writing

September 9, 2020


You can overcome any emotion with writing.

Are you feeling angry? Maybe your younger brother just took the last cookie, and after putting up with him your whole life, you just can't take it anymore. A strategy to help with your anger is to write about it. I find that writing a letter, and addressing it to a person (real or made-up), can help you put a handle on your anger. You can explain to them how awful your brother is, and it will help you release all that built-up tension into writing. If you hold your anger in, it will just boil within you. When we have our strongest emotions, it is a great chance to write. Being able to convey your anger into your writing will help you cool down and think rationally.

Are you sad? Things make us sad all the time, whether it's something on the news or something personal that has happened. Dealing with sadness can be hard, and most people (including me) tend to cry out their feelings. But in the end, that won't make it all that much better. You will likely still feel sad after your eyes have turned red and you have run out of tissues. Even if you can't stop crying, writing can still help you feel better. I like to write poetry when I'm sad, and I often cry while doing it. It helps you get your emotions out and still get a few tears in the mix.

Are you upset? Maybe you just found out that your dog ate your homework, and now you have to do it all over again since teachers don't actually fall for the whole "My dog ate my homework!" trick, even if it's true. Writing a six-word story might help. It'll make you focus on your word choice since you can only pick six words, and make you think deeply about why you are upset. Once you have your six-word story done, you will likely feel much more collected and likely not as upset as before. This will help you figure what to do about your homework, which happens to be sitting in your dog's stomach instead of on your desk.

Are you anxious or worried? Our lives are filled with many, many things that can make us anxious or worried. Sometimes this makes us stress, and you can write some of that stress and worry out. A strategy for this is to write about what is making you anxious or worried and then pretend that you are looking back on the situation from a few days in the future. Make something up and write about how the thing you were stressed about turned out to be not as hard as you thought it would be, or make some funny situation up and laugh it out. Even if that won't actually happen, it can help you lighten up about the situation.

Writing is great for any mood, even if you don't feel like writing will help at first. Keep in mind that no one has to see what you right - don't be afraid to express yourself!! Write out what you feel, and use any words that come to mind. If you feel like writing things that your parents may not approve of you saying, so be it!! No one has to see your writing except you, and that can help you keep your emotions raw in your writing, and have it show how you truly feel in the moment.

So with that in mind, write through your emotions!!

* I only did strategies for a few emotions, and most of them are ones you might feel on a bad day. If anyone finds this helpful and wants me to share writing strategies for other emotions, I will!!



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  • Livelovecats

    Thanks! I actually wrote this because I was feeling sad, and after I had written something else, and realized that writing helped a lot (even if my sight was a bit blurry from the tear) I wrote this.

    11 months ago
  • FantasyOtter12

    Yeaa I totally agree with the second one I did it just a few days ago with my piece "Fate said-What Happy ending?" XD This advice is absolutely stellar and the way you put it into a list for every single emotion is great :)

    11 months ago