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What even is English amirite

Reptilian angels go to Hell for holidays

September 9, 2020



angels are reptiles,/ 
skin sculpted to porcelain perfection/ 
and eyes hollow with the fullness/
of god's loving lies. 

wafting in the shade/ 
where apples speckled a darkening/ 
sky of lilac hues and golden moonshine/ 

they sip on cups of wine/
red, crimson, tainted bloodied lips/
they recite hymns on glorious streams of wind/
that flutter as softly/
as butterfly wings. 

below the hardened mirth/
of humanity's sinful girth/ 
the demons roam and romp/
with a slave as a master. 

lucifer, oh lucifer! they wail and scream/ 
but to no avail do such mournful/
sounds reach the deafened ears of number one. 

made of hate they can't abate/
the heat rising in the boughs/
of their stomachs,/ 
and so in tongues of fire/
they spit their anger on those who fumble/
and fall beneath the weight. 

hell is a cold place,/ 
but angels hate the heat/ 
and so they spend their winter solstice/
in the frozen lava pools/ 
that equate the great lakes/ 
of the dungeon's firey keep. 

the little devils/
scared and lonely,/ 
approach with bated breath,/ 
to be met with the gospel. 

"thy have sinned." 


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