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Why Icarus?

September 8, 2020


Why did you do it?

was it a final disobedience
to your 'genius' father?
one last refusal of his advice,
who was he to restrict you
from the sky, who was he
to feel he had agency
over your life?
who was he to dare to think
he could ask you to live?
did you live your final moments
satisfied at last? one final

or was it simply an accident?
were you unaware you
were too high, until
you weren't?
did you truly believe the
sky was limitless?
when did you realise
you'd made a mistake
or were you aware of it at all?
did you spend your last
moments regretful and

or did you do it for The Sun?
mighty Apollo, did he
invite you up with
warm touches and graceful
across your face and shoulders?
did he whisper false
"I'll catch you"
how close to the ground were you when you realised he wasnt coming for you?
were you angry? 
Ok so basically I wrote this on a whim during a college free period, its not very polished so I'll probably come back and edit, as well as maybe writing one from Apollos POV. Hope you enjoyed!


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  • ek503

    i love the idea of Apollo inviting Icarus up with lies. lovely piece <3

    3 months ago