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Lilly Evans (Potter) Diary Part 4

September 8, 2020


 September 1st
Dear Diary, 
Its the first day of classes, and so far, it has been very intriguing. I am at lunch right now with Joy, but my morning classes are over now, and I already have a stack of homework! Learning about the magical world is very hard on my brain to grasp those concepts, but I think I am slowly understanding. Joy and I are going to eat fast and explore the castle a bit before afternoon classes begin. 
Herbology was torture this morning! James Potter and his friends (who are yes, just as annoying as he is) were scaring and poking everyone, causing them to mess up their plant care process. One of his friends snuck up behind me, but I turned around before he could do anything and scolded him. He backed away, a defeated look across his face. 
It was quite strange, during the middle of Transfiguration, Brighten suddenly started screaming. Our professor took her to the hospital wing quickly, so I never got a good look at what was wrong, but it seemed like someone hexxed her! 
Oh, Joy is beckoning me to come explore. I will write what I find out about Brighten! 
Until next time, 


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