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September 20, 2020

20 / Enero / 1920

Dear mi corazón,

It's been three days since no report of the flu has come. Mami has completely recovered from the flu, and Bella too is recovering. She is still very weak, but the doctors say she will get better, and she won't go away like Papa.

Mami said that if all goes well, and no more flu cases are reported, they will slowly start to reopen everything. That means I can go and meet my friends again! I am very happy I will get to meet them after such a long time.


2 / Febrero / 1920

Dear mi corazón,

Bella is all better! And just in time for her decimocuarto cumpleaños. Mami made a cake, from the bread we had at home. She wrote on it, 'Feliz cumpleaños Mirabel e Isabel'. It was a very nice cake, even though it was not my birthday for another eleven months. But I didn't get a cake, so it was nice to have one now. Mami went to the shop the day before to purchase crema from Mr. Richards shop, which opened again last week. I wanted to go with her, but she said it was too risky. I don't think it was risky. I already had flu, I wouldn't get it again.


5 / Febrero / 1920

Dear mi corazón,

School is opening tomorrow. Bella isn't going yet, the doctor said she can go in a few days, after everyone was settled. I asked him why, and he said that she might still have the flu, and if she went, she might spread it. Mami smiled at me and then gave me chocolate caliente, because she knew I was upset, and that I love chocolate caliente.

I can't wait to meet Hera again, I haven't seen her in over one year. 

Mami sat me down and talked to me about something very important. She asked me about Papa, and I felt very sad. Then she said some of my classmates would have lost both their Mami and Papa. That made me more sad. She also said some of my classmates would not be there. I asked her why. She said they went with Papa.

I hope Hera didn't go with my Papa.


6 / Febrero / 1920

Dear mi corazón,

School was not nice. I don't think I want to go back.

Last year, there were 25 people in my class. Today, only 9 came to school. Mrs. Rivera said that some more would be joining us the next week, but many would not be coming back. We held an oración for those who would not come back. Then, Mrs. Rivera read out the names.

Hera will not come back.

Nor will Javier, or Mario, or Lily, or Luci, or Emmanuel, or the twins, Pablo and Paula, or Jolie, or Aila or Diego. I will miss them.

I wish I could say goodbye to them.

11 / Febrero / 1920


Dear mi corazón,

Today Bella went back to school. She also did not like it. Many students did not return to her class, but that was not why she did not like it.

Bella's teacher, Mr. Gonzalez, was also not coming back.

Bella didn't get any homework, but I did. I did my homework while Bella played Dominó on her own. Then, when I finished, I played with her. Mami played with us after she finished cooking. It was fun. I miss doing it, when Mami and Bella and me were sick.


22 / Febrero / 1920

Dear mi corazón,

Today was Papa's funeral. Mami was very sad.

The actual funeral happened long ago. But that was not a funeral. That was more simply a burial, where the people who worked at the el depósito de cadáveres buried the body in the cementerio. Mami went to see them burying it. Then she got sick.

I wore my best black dress, which was very small for me, because I had not worn it in a long time. Bella had a new black dress, because Mami had bought one when she went out. She brought one for me too, but I didn't want it. I gave it to Nora, who was also going to her Mami and Papa's funeral with us.

The funeral was very sad. Many people were crying. One woman desmayada, and they had to carry her out of the graveyard. She seemed very very sad. 

Mami and Bella were sad too. I was also sad.

Since there was no body to bury, they simply had speeches. Mami wanted to give a speech, but she couldn't, so Bella gave it instead. Then Mami ran out of the graveyard. Bella took me home. Mami was already in bed.

She did not come out the whole day.


25 / Febrero / 1921

Dear mi corazón,

It has been one year since the funeral. I am one year older than the diez years I was when the funeral happened, and I am grateful that I lived for one more year. Mami is at work, Bella is at Anna's house, and I am in the park, watching Dito as he runs with the ball in his mouth. Sometimes he gives the ball to me, and I throw it again. He runs again.

I wonder what Papa and Hera are doing now. I guess I will always wonder.

This diary has no more pages. I will end it here, and start in a new diary. Because I want this chapter of my life to end now.

Ama Siempre,

mi corazón: My Heart
Mira: Nickname for Mirabel
Bella: Nickname for Isabel
Febrero: February 
decimocuarto cumpleaños: Fourteenth birthday
Feliz cumpleaños Mirabel e Isabel: Happy birthday Mirabel and Isabel
Crema: Frosting
Chocolate Caliente: Hot Chocolate
Oración: Prayer
Dominó: Dominoes (A traditional Spanish Game)
el depósito de cadáveres: Morgue (Literal transition: Place where the dead bodies are deposited)
cementerio: Cemetery 
desmayada: Fainted
diez: ten
Ama Siempre: Love Always

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  • Huba Huba

    I like this piece! It's slightly gives a slice of life vibe, except it's in the historical times. I've decided to not compete in this one, my history skills are the worst!

    12 months ago