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ᴅʀᴇᴀᴍ without fear, ʟᴏᴠᴇ without limits and let your life ꜱɪɴɢ its song. - Dilip Bathija.

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7 Steps To Happiness

Think less : Feel more
Frown less : Smile more
Talk less : Listen more
Judge less : Accept more
Watch less : Do more
Complain less : Appreciate more
Fear less : Love more

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a collection of small notes

September 22, 2020

june 30th, 1914.

dear diary,

my name is joel. australia just got news of the assassination that happened to a duke from austria. his name was franz ferdinand. i am really scared as the reporter sounded scared. my mum's face went white. she looked at my father, his eyebrows were raised in shock. he works at the wharf with other fisherman. i would have thought he would not be interested by this; he never is at anything on the radio. he is always saying that the best news is what happens at sea! maybe this might change his outlook?


dear diary, its me again.

my mother went out just now to hang out some washing. i was walking home from school and i saw her talking to our neighbour, gertrude. my mum always describes her as a gossip but she listens anyway. i hid behind the bushes so they couldn't see me. my father would have clipped me behind the ears if he had seen me snooping around, i can't help it. i want to know what is going on. i couldn't hear much but they were talking about serbia's constant jealousy about a war that happened in the thirteenth century. they lost it to austria and ever since they have argued. this time it ended up in someone getting murdered. murdered! i can't imagine how it must have felt, i hope he didn't know. 


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