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Meaningless but Hopeful

September 6, 2020

PROMPT: Beyond Reason

Hey, is the life meaningful or meaningless?
Why do we exist and what is the point in life?
Why do some people work to live, 
whereas others live to work?
Why are so many people so lucky, 
whereas others are not that lucky?
What do other people do to make the progress
that others, for some reason, cannot?
How to benefit even from the most useless things?

Why are people underestimated in spite of their perseverence,
whereas others, as lazy as a sloth, are always overestimated?
Why is it that you make a windfall once and there
is no need for you to work for the rest of your life,
whereas in the meantime, no matter what you might do,
you will not make any windfalls whatsoever and even if
you give it a try, the chances are, you will make things worse,
Do you really think that world is still fair or
the injustice has been here for over centuries already?


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