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September 4, 2020

Day 5- 
Through a blurry pair of lenses, you see a mixture of orange, red, and yellow. The wind blows, but warmth fills you up. Today, the wind isn't an enemy, it's a friend. A red so bright like fire emerges from a painting of blurred warm colors. You take off your blurred lenses, and again, it's your Dreamland acquaintance. 
Today, his hair is rather conspicuous, in comparison to his normally relaxing colors. 
"What's with the hair today?" I asked him, looking at the falling leaves. 
He stays silent. 
I turn to face him. "What's wrong?" 
"I.. wanted to.." he began in mutters. "To stand out." 
"You've always stood out to me." 
"Of course." 
His hair turns back into his natural, raven color. The wind envelopes you two with the warm colored leaves. 

Day 4- 
You're alone. 
Standing in a large mass of people, you're alone. Why? Because you're standing in a large mass of strangers. The strangers aren't strangers with the strangers, and their heads are a couple yards above yours, with their necks embraced by gold and their hands decorated with diamonds. Wherever you are, you cannot see light, as the strangers' shadows lay upon you. 
You're stamped on, you're pushed over, and you don't exist to these strangers. 
Until you see some gold, shining brighter than the ones on the strangers' necks and the diamonds on their hands. Just by seeing him, you know it's the boy who always visits you in.. wherever you are. It's the raven haired boy from last time, except now his hair is like silky gold, and his dimples are showing today. 
He levitates like Peter Pan, and brings you along with him. Wherever you are, you're free and higher than any of the strangers you just thought. Wherever you are: 
You're not alone.  

Day 3- 
You were with your family for a nice, peaceful walk after dinner until you stumble over a green rock. As you look back at what you stumbled over, you find a head, arms, and a tail poke through the rock. A turtle. 
Thus, you bring it home so the turtle becomes a bunk-mate with your hamster. Your hamster's upset, so he shoos the turtle out. Then on, the turtle lives in his own shell again, until your hamster trips over the rock. 

Day 2- 
It's an old-fashioned, black and white movie, except you're in it, and the people in it aren't made up characters. Everyone you've met outside the world of dreams before appears. A perfect moment to embarrass yourself. 
You slip on a banana peel that someone before you on the Mario Kart race track threw at you. 
You die in PubG without even knowing who shot you. 
The worst-- as you're admiring yourself in the mirror, all your teeth rot and fall out. 
Such things happen until you wake up, being happy that wasn't reality. 

Day 1- 
ou always meet someone important to you in your dreams. Sometimes, the identity of this person is unknown. Today, you meet the same reappearing boy with raven hair. It seems that he's your best friend in this world of dreams, but today the mood darkens. You're on a boat with him, and heading into the dark clouded area above the ocean. 
"Why are we heading in this direction?" you ask your raven haired friend. 
He doesn't answer. 
He rows you further into the dark clouds while you're frozen in fear, unable to row the other way to argue. The wind blows the boat over, and you fall into the dark depths of the ocean. 
Falling... immobile. 


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