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Love During a Pandemic

September 3, 2020


I lay in my bed with him next to me. Popcorn and soda. A perfect movie night or so it would seem. My problem is yes he is next to me. But only on a screen. 
I promise to be there. I swear to cheer him on. At the first swim meet of a season he's been preparing for for months. But my internet is awful and the stream won't start. 
So I sit here waiting. And while I'm used it it's still hard.
Just as Tom said "the waiting is the hardest part"

We wait for everything. For school, for graduations, for proms, and proposals, and weddings. 

"You have phones!" They shout. "Just give him a call," or "Send him a text." Like they expect it to be the same at all.

Because a text "I love you" will never mean as much as hearing those words fall from his lips. 
And a kiss goodnight over facetime will never amount to those same lips on mine.
And he can't hold me through the phone. As much as he tries.
And he can't stroke my hair and tell me everything is alright.
I can't bury my face in his chest when I cry.
And I can't hold his hand while he's shaking and his mind is racing 
And I-
All I can do is sit here and watch. And wait. 

But here in this moment. Right now. My phone will do.

Because on it is a countdown. 

Ticking away the seconds 

Until I can be with you.


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