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This is Chapter 10 of my Hunger Games fan fiction book. This is based off the characters and settings in The Hunger Games books by Suzanne Collins. This book starts at the time of Catching Fire, after Gale has recovered from his whipping but before the secret twist of the Quarter Quell has been announced. This is first-person from Katniss’ perspective. I hope you enjoy! If you have any questions, you can comment and I’ll do my best to reply!

Escape From District 12, Chapter 10

September 6, 2020


 I race to the very edge of the water, watching Prim’s fragile body being jerked away by the current. My mind is filled with only one thought; she’s going to drown. Prim can’t swim. I prepare myself to dive in after her, but as I’m about to jump, Peeta grabs my shoulder and says loudly, “No!”
  I shove his hand away and scramble over the loose pebbles of the bank, my eyes following Prim. She’s flailing desperately now, and every second she gets father away from my reach. 
   With a burst of energy, I race after her, my head pounding. Just before a particularly wide section of the stream, I sink to my knees and lean out as far as I can over the water, stretching my arm towards her. My fingers just barely brush her jacket, but I can’t grip onto her. Suddenly, Peeta is at my side, his arm extended over the water, and I watch in terror as Prim is almost carried out of reach. But miraculously, he catches hold of her arm. He pulls her quickly towards us, and I lunge out and lock onto my sister. Peeta and I haul her up onto the bank, and Prim starts coughing and spitting out water. She staggers to her feet, and I can feel myself shaking as I rise.
    “Prim, are you okay?” I almost shout at her, and grip her tightly to my body. She coughs and says in a tiny voice, “Yes. I..I’m alright.” 
  I can feel her shivering. The anxiety inside me is still pounding, but it’s slowly starting to ease. I take a deep breath and remind myself that Prim is safe. We’re all safe.
  I put my hands on her small shoulders and look at her face. Her eyes are wide and filled with a look of trauma; beads of water are dripping from her face and soaked hair. Suddenly, my voice rises in anger, not at her, but more because of her.
 “Prim, what were you thinking, going out on those rocks alone? You could have drowned!” I say a little too harshly. She looks away, but for some reason I can’t stop my words from spilling out.
 “What were you doing anyway, crossing the stream? Why did you leave the group?” I scold. Prim swallows hard, and a tear runs slowly down her face. I sigh, pulling her closer to me again. Then I repeat my question.
“Why were you crossing the stream?”
 “I’m sorry. I wasn’t thinking. I was looking for you,” Prim answers, and I look at her.
 “We were so worried about you! Gale said you promised you would be back before dark, and that you would stay beside the stream. We were waiting for you, but we never heard the mockingjay call,” Prim pauses and I bite my lip. I forgot the mockingjay call! I suddenly remember my broken promises. I know Gale will be mad at me, but I had to find Peeta. I have a sudden, strong urge to defend my decisions. I’m about to tell Prim what happened when she continues in a whisper that I can barely hear over the roar of the stream.
  “Gale and I left to look for you. We...”
  “He left the others and took you with him?!” I demand, furious. Gale left the group, just like I told him we couldn’t, and he even took Prim with him? He didn’t know what he was walking into!
 “I’m gonna kill him,” I mutter, fuming. Prim’s eyes widen again and she says quickly, “No, it was my fault. I made him take me. We were just searching, but after a while, I heard a howl. It was off in the distance a little ways, but it just started me, so I started running without thinking. When I finally stopped, I realized I had lost Gale, and the howling went on for another minute or so. I couldn’t find Gale again, and I was terrified. I don’t know what to do, and I thought if there was a wolf or something, I thought maybe...” her voice cracks, “Maybe it got you.”
   My eyes burn. Prim was in danger because she was trying to find me. She was in danger because of me.
 Prim says, “I saw the stream, and I ran to it. I was going to just wait there, but then I heard you from across the water. So, I was jumping from stone to stone, and I lost my balance. I’m sorry.”
   Prim is crying and shaking like a leaf. I sigh and tuck a strand of her blond hair behind her ear. 
 “It’s alright, Prim. We’re all okay.” I hug her again and kiss the top of her head. Prim looks up at me and says, “We have to find Gale and tell him you’re okay.” She rubs her face and then seems to remember something.
 “What if there’s a wolf around here?” She asks quietly, her voice brimming with anxiety.
 “No, I don’t think so,” I answer, shaking my head slightly. It’s possible that there could be wolves out here, but they wouldn’t bother us unless they were starving, though I don’t tell Prim this. I also don’t tell her that we could shoot a wolf before it could even get to us. Prim still looks unsure though, so I reassure her.
 “Don’t worry. There won’t be one,” I say confidently. Then, my mind quickly moves on, and I realize that Gale doesn’t know where we are, or where Prim is. I add hurriedly, “You’re right about finding Gale. Where do you think he is?”
 “I’m not sure,” Prim looks worriedly back across the water, “Do you think we can get back to the other side?” 
 I look out into the stream. Like Twill said, there’s a big section of open water in between us and the nearest stone. We could probably jump, but there’s no guarantee that we’d make it. 
  “Well,” I hesitate, “Yes, I’m sure we can, but we’ll have to take our time so we don’t fall.”
 “Is there any better place to cross?” Asks Peeta, who has been silent for the whole time we’ve been standing here. I turn to him.
 “No, I’ve been all along that bank, and I didn’t see any good place to cross,” I answer.
  Peeta frowns and says, “What about...”
 A huge rumbling noise cuts him off mid-sentence. I look around in confusion, but the sound only grows louder and louder. It roars around me, making my head spin. It sounds like the earth is bellowing, and then the ground beneath my feet starts quivering.
  “What’s happening?” Prim squeals in terror, clinging to my arm like a drowning animal. Before I can answer, I hear another loud noise rise above the rumble. A voice, unmistakably Bonnie, yells, “Katinss!”
   Peeta and I turn on our heels and take off running towards her without thinking. Again, I’m dragging a helpless Prim behind me, following about two steps behind Peeta. We tear through the woods, and I’m desperately trying to reach Bonnie. Suddenly, the ground under my feet jerks violently and I go sprawling.
  Bonnie yells again, and I stagger back up, my head spinning. It’s basically dark now, but the moon is out, and I can see the hill with the cave. Peeta is still running up ahead, but he looks over his shoulder and sees me falling behind. He starts to come back, but I gesture in the direction of the cave, unable to speak at the moment. Peeta nods and disappears around the hill, and Prim and I stumble after him.
   Just as I round the side of the hill, the ground lurches and I fall hard on my knees. Painfully, I get up. Scanning the cave mouth a couple hundred feet to my left, I see it’s empty. Then, I locate them up ahead.
   Twill is barely supporting Bonnie, helping the injured girl stand. Peeta reaches them and Twill tells him something that I can’t hear over the deafening rumbling sound that erupts from the earth. Then I stop dead when I see the ground crack open.
   The forest floor ruptures with a sound like thunder. Before I can even say a word, the ground cracks open, creating a long, narrow trench that is snaking along the forest. Its unknown depths are dark, and everything in its path, including trees, is falling into the pit. It’s quickly approaching Peeta from behind. I try to shout a warning, but the only noise coming out of my mouth is a gasp. 
   Peeta sees it. Twill is out of his reach, but  somehow Peeta manages to grab Bonnie’s arm and spring to the side, barely avoiding the fall into darkness. Twill leaps to the other side, seemingly out of harm’s way.  But even as I watch, the growing ravine veers off suddenly to the side and it opens wide before Twill’s feet. She loses her balance as the earth beneath her recedes. She wobbles, looking much like Prim did on the rock in the stream. Somehow, I find myself shouting her name.
 She looks up and her light brown eyes meet mine for just an instant, revealing her panic. I don’t know what to do, how to help her. I’m undecided, hesitating for one crucial second. One second too long. Twill opens her mouth to shout something, but she doesn’t get the chance. The ground shudders again, and the crack widens about another four feet. Twill’s footing instantly vanishes from underneath her, and with her gaze still locked on mine, she falls down into the pit and disappears without even a scream.
  But Bonnie can still scream. The sound of her, shrieking Twill’s name makes my stomach twist. I start to run towards where Twill fell, but I only make it a few steps. Then Peeta is in front of me, blocking my way to Twill and pushing me gently but urgently back the way we came. Bonnie is having a fit of hysteria, kicking as Peeta half carries her.
  “Go! Run, now! She’s gone!” He yells at me, and I realize he’s right. There’s nothing I can do for Twill, but we have to get out of here. I obediently turn and start running away from the  trench. I’m pounding the earth, racing nearer to the water. As it comes into view, I risk a glance behind and wish I hadn’t looked back. The crack is expanding, even now approaching our feet. 
   Prim and I reach the bank. I’m not sure what to do, where to go. There’s nowhere to go but forward. The ground beneath me starts literally caving in, so without slowing down, we leap.
   Prim and I land on the rock. It’s slippery, but I dig my feet into the mossy surface, and I hold onto Prim, who almost falls. Seeing the next rock, a broader one, only a few feet away, we jump. We both make it, and it’s only once we are here that I force myself to half turn around. 
   Peeta and Bonnie land hard on the first rock. I don’t know if Peeta has been carrying her, or just dragging her, but somehow they’re both there. Behind them, the crack extends to the very edge of the stream with another loud noise. Clutching Prim, we quickly jump from stone to stone, and I keep waiting for the trench to devour the stream and all of us. But it doesn’t, and before I can even comprehend what’s happening, my feet hit dry land, and I’m bounding off again, this time with Prim on my left and Peeta and Bonnie on my right.
  I don’t know exactly where I’m going. It’s dark, and I feel like maybe I should stop. But I just can’t make myself. What just happened? I can’t see very well, and I almost run smack into several trees. The crazy thing is, though I can still hear the rumbling, I can no longer feel it. My brain can’t think clearly, and I can’t breathe. I’m squinting around trying to see where I’m going, but the canopy is too think for much moonlight to filter down. That’s why I don’t even notice him until I almost slam right into his loaded arrow.



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    Awesome!! I've never read hunger games, but these are really good! Are you allowed to publish fan fictions on here?

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    I wasn't a huge fan of it. It was well written and thought out but I don't think it was needed. I'm not a huge fan of pres snow and the book gave more or less a new sense of sympathy. it def shows why he is why he is but the sympathy didn't quite fit with his type of villain. I enjoyed the "easter eggs" (call them what you will) of makingthe games and the history of the cabin and other attributes of D12...i just thought it took away from the main storyline.
    wow i really go down rabbit trails when explaining things sorry haha

    about 1 year ago
  • Stone of Jade

    also...wondering...have you read the prequel Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes? what did you think of it?

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    OH MY WORD!! i just binge read all these chapters and it's still not enough!! These are so so so perfectly written! The style is just like the originals! Girl, you have no idea how much I love these pieces!

    The cliff hangers are crazy good but also killing me. the last few chapters with peeta..oh my word I don't think I breathed as I read them. But ALSO! Idk if you meant this but I love the comparason of Gale bringing Prim into the woods and into danger (even tho Prim said she insisted) and Peeta the one saving her-kinda like the books where Gale basically killed her--that's the main reason I'm #teampeeta XD

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    Oh my... Your cliffhangers are biting me!
    This splitting of ground was so devastatingly dangerous! Oh poor Twill... *weeps*
    Who's arrow??? Gale wasn't having any I suppose.
    Has Snow found out?
    This is getting so interesting girl..... *o*

    Excited to read further! :D

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  • Kate (Kit-Kat Sully) {Child of God}

    Replying: No problem! And no you didn't sound rude at all! :)

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    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! YOU ARE SUCH AN AMAZING WRITER I LOVE THIS FAN FIC SOOOOO MUCH!!! Oh noooo TWILL! Loaded arrow---GALE of course....unless it isn't....please write more and let me know when you do!

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    When will you be releasing the next chapter? Also, I have four of five reviews that I submitted that should be coming your way soon! :)

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    Omggg twilll. I liked her that was a horrible death! Also is that person behind her someone from snow's side? I hope not!

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