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Each and every one of you is special.

You’re made of stardust, too.

If you can’t find a bright side, it’s okay to sit in the dark for little bit while your eyes adjust. It’ll be easier to find light after that.

I love you to the moon and back.


September 3, 2020


Some people fear it.
Some people embrace it.
The idea of loving more than one person at one time, 
It's beautiful, no?
The concept of having so much love in your heart that giving it all to just one person is impossible. 
Every relationship has a different dynamic.
No two are alike.
Every relationship offers something new, provides something that others don't.
"One taught me love, one taught me patience, and one taught me pain."
At first I found that to be a silly song lyric trying to be deep. 
But it's understandable now.
I have one partner who is gentle, soft, and reserved. My lily of the valley.
A have another who is outspoken, protective, who exudes confidence towards others even when they don't feel very confident in reality. My bumblebee. 
My bumblebee and my lily aren't together, no.
They're friends, but our relationship is that of a V formation. 
Like birds migrating to find better conditions.
That's what the three of us strive to do for each other. 
We want to help each other find what's best for us,
What helps us thrive,
What keeps us happy. 
The emotional intimacy in a polyamorous relationship is crucial.
Communication is more important than ever.
And while some say that polyamorous people struggle with commitment,
I say that we are the best at commitment.
Committing to more than one relationship takes a lot but it's incredibly rewarding.
No, it's not for everybody. But neither is monogamy. 
It's everyone's personal responsibility to find what fits them.
What's best for them, what helps them thrive,
What keeps them happy. 


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  • Chloe_Cat

    Beautifully written. Love is love!

    about 1 month ago
  • TheSeoulSword

    This was so, so beautiful. It is sad when people do not accept or try to accept what they do not know, and it is sad when they cannot try to understand that something like this might actually be beautiful. Great work! I'm definitely going to check out your other works too, and hopefully your future ones too! :)

    about 2 months ago