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If my writing can make even just one person feel a little worthier, a little less alone, (or entertained) for even a few seconds, that’s enough for me.

I don't want to cry for you anymore

September 3, 2020


I'm trying to love you, 
But you make it so hard. 
Whenever you make a mistake,
You put it on me

I cry for you. 

Whenever you are
I blame myself. 

I cry for you. 

When you tell me you used to be 
But you aren't anymore, 
Because of them. 

I cry for you.

When you mock me,
pick out all my flaws, 
I'm saddened and I cry. 

When you say I hurt you, 
I don't know
what to do but cry.

​I don't want to cry for you anymore. 

I still love you,
but my tears don't mean anything to you, 
so I'll save them for someone else. 

I won't cry for you anymore. 


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