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September 3, 2020

The  clock slowly counted down. 5,4,3,2…. I grabbed the pass my teammate had just thrown me and I quickly shot the ball. ERRRRR. The clock buzzed, signaling the end of the half, but not before the ball had left my fingertips. Everyone watched breathless as the ball, seemingly in slow motion, spiraled toward the hoop. C'mon, c'mon!! 
The stands went wild, everyone on the bench stormed the court. I smiled as I looked up at the stop clock. 36-37. 
We had won. 
It seems like everyone has lost this year of 2020. No last second shots could fix the horrors and disasters that have been engaged. Basketball is almost a world of its own. The smell of the court, the squeak of the shoes, the pounding crowd in the stands. In order to shut out the news of this world for a little while, basketball was an escape. Watching and playing. An escape to my own world of "3 seconds left on the clock, down by one" 
Even though sports have been canceled this year, all you need is a slab of concrete and a basketball, and you can escape from this world into the world of the Hoop. And let me tell you, that world is like no other. 


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