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It's a short narrative.

My brain

September 2, 2020


I'm staring at a packet.  
I wonder if my brain has its own heartbeat. Sometimes, I feel a thumping in my head so powerful that it throws me off my feet, onto the floor. My sight blurs, and what should be English and numbers on my paper looks like a piece of abstract art with some Korean characters decorating it. My body goes numb. While my consciousness is still in my body, my soul leaves it, and I become an empty shell of flesh and bones. 
There's a bug in the program called "My Brain." The electricity inside it isn't flowing in the right directions, and programs cannot be sent to the robot, my body. These electric shocks are hitting my skull and bouncing off of it, and even my ears can hear the collisions. 
"Kailani? Kailani!" my Honors Algebra 2 teacher calls to me. 
My eye contact finally breaks with that rotten piece pile of rubbish. 
"Yes?" I ask. 
"You weren't responding when I asked you for your answer on number 4." 
"Sorry, I couldn't figure out that one." 
I couldn't figure out any. 
Me sitting in my Honors Algebra 2 class. We've barely even started class and life already feels difficult. 


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  • ~Zoe~

    Replying: Yeah, Winnie the pooh too, I totally forgot about that one. Gosh, this makes me nostalgic. oh... yeah I don't have any younger siblings but some kids I know from around my neighborhood don't like things that I liked and to me, it's just sad.

    about 1 year ago
  • ~Zoe~

    And also, good job on this piece. Algebra is horrible... and I don't understand any of it... :(

    about 1 year ago
  • ~Zoe~

    Replying: Your welcome. If you mean all of the parts of the series, Yeah, I think some other people are going to make more parts but for now, i believe that is all of them. :)
    Btw, I like your profile picture Calvin and Hobbes basically is the definition of my childhood.

    about 1 year ago
  • RemovedUser1

    Haha!! I’m a grade behind in Math (cuz it sucks) so I am dreading Algebra.
    Replying: I’m glad you liked it! I liked yours too! And Otter did start a really good series; it’s growing so fast!

    about 1 year ago
  • Rohan’s Defender (Semi-Active)

    Re: thank you! Yours is so great too! It’s such an awesome idea to give everyone a chance to continue it!

    about 1 year ago