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September 2, 2020

    Day 1

You see their faces reflected in the water's surface. You reach out your fingers, soft and spindly, stretching towards them, but the water is like ice. Your hands cut the surface; you distort their faces until they resemble humans no more.
    You cannot reach them.
    With a steadily racing heart, you plunge into the water, dive deeper and deeper until your eyes sting and your ears pop and your lungs burn, but still you cannot find them. Because, perhaps, they were never there.
    The reflection is just a reflection.

    Day 2

    The smell of flowers dances along the ground. You trail your fingers through tall blades of grass, and the stalks bend and twist under your touch. Your eyes flicker.
    The glass wall at the field's edge shields you from a shadowed world that swirls with dust. Dozens--maybe hundreds--of lost souls throw their hands up against the barrier, wailing and pleading for mercy. Their bloodshot eyes and wild expressions are nearly enough to make you smile.
    You turn away. If you ignore them long enough, you'll forget them. You always forget those in suffering.
    You begin to hum a long lost tune which you didn't know you still remembered. The flowers perk up under your gaze.
    Beyond your bubble, they continue to beg and scream and cry, but ignorance is bliss.
    And you happen to like bliss.

    Day 3

    You sit in a room of mirrors, endless versions of yourself stretching beyond what you can comprehend. They are mocking you, your reflections; some of them laugh, some smile, some cry, but all reflect what you wish you weren't. And they press closer. And their voices hammer through your skull. And you cannot escape them.
    And you wonder whether they were in your head all along, but even if they were, they would still manipulate you.
    Because they are all you, whether you like them or not.
    And you don't think you do.
Which of these is your favourite? I like the underlying message of the second, so shoutout to you if you get that. In fact, all of them have underlying messages, so yay for that. :)

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