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ugh... this end could have been better. oh well.
thanks for reading this series; your comments make my day, especially since they normally point out the very things i was trying to accomplish (yay!!).

all the things i dream of--part 7

September 4, 2020


note: please feel free to read parts 1-6. this is the last poem in a seven part collection. although it can stand alone, it will have more meaning if combined with the others.

no tw's; this one is a nice poem!

we dream of crimson and scarlet, of a bride waiting patiently for her groom. our hearts flutter as we gaze upwards waiting to hear angel choirs and see the face of this one we love so dearly, this one who died for us while we were still sinners. day by day, the end draws ever nearer.

i stare out the window and glare at
the empty sky imagining puffy white
clouds rolling away my eyes glisten
in the light of stars dropping into the
sea who can stand i know who can
stand and now there’s hope even
for a murderer a traitor a sinner
for me me me why would anyone
die for me i am nothing but dust
more filthy than the dirt beneath my
fingernails and yet God came down
to earth to die to rid me of my sin
it’s gone as far as east from west
my beauty is found here where
he has washed me clean rinsed me
with his blood scarlet rivers cleanse
me make me white as snow and
my past is done away with this
is my Savior the one who gave
himself up for me Messiah the Lamb
who alone is worthy worthy worthy
my heart beats in quiet anticipation
knowing that one day all the longing
will finally find itself fulfilled and
i will see before my own wondering
eyes all the things i dream of


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  • Abrianna

    Very nice!

    6 months ago
  • doodleninja

    Ahhh, what a splendid, triumphant ending! I'm kinda sad to see this series come to an end, you've truly conveyed the Gospel message so well in these pieces! Keep on doing your amazing writing! :)

    6 months ago