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I can't decide how to finish this, but this will have to do for now. Any suggestions? :)

Aphrodite Broke First

September 1, 2020


How did Aphrodite design the heart to break?
Was it based off of her own? Did her heart 
creak and creek slowly at the pressure, whining like thin glass?
Or does it suddenly combust in an elegant explosion of glittering dust
that the softest caress from a willow tree's hands could ensure?
She was utterly destroyed; the very idea of love must have been a bitter aftertaste.

Did Aphrodite curse us naive passion-seekers to fall in and out of love so easily,
so we could taste her pain? Maybe we are the lucky ones,
to have the gift of mortality, to be able to close ourselves with a happy sigh.
Aphrodite bears the true curse, harboring the torment of living forever;
I wonder how many times has she lost a love down the path only a mortal could follow.
Perhaps it is only fair that we suffer with her. After all,
We will eventually leave her, as everyone has before and she will remain untouchable 
to the hands of death. And we will be passed to Love.

Aphrodite will always be alone, so she designed us to break
to heave heavy hearts in our chests, to crave affection as she does.
At least, we are only fragmented for a life time; Aphrodite will suffer,
loveless forever.
Hmmm... not quite sure how to end this; it doesn't feel finished to me. Also, unsure about the title.


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1 Comment
  • Doodleninja

    Ooooh quite an interesting concept here! I like it! I love how you use questions to move the piece along. I really like your last sentence, it brings in the theme of the piece of "better to be broken for a lifetime, than for eternity".
    If you do end up expanding on this piece, hope all goes well! :)

    3 months ago