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This might end up being a part of a story that I write in the future.

Gift of Age

September 1, 2020

1) It was one ice thawing spring when Cory Nickson's dad's hair became as turned a couple shades lighter, and the wrinkles of his smile duplicated, but he seemed younger to her. The strong back that once protected her had been worn down to a slumped curve, and it was her turn to stand up straight and protect him. 

2) This spring, Cory' Nickson's dad got older and crankier, but he seemed younger in a sense. The one who had always shielded Cory could no longer do so, and it was her turn to shield him. 

3) Cory's dad aged, but he seemed younger to her. As he's been shielding Cory all her life, he can no longer do so for her, as age had worn him down. It was now Cory's turn to take care of and shield for her father. 

4) Although her father hit the 50's, he didn't seem as powerful to her anymore. He's been a protective, loving father all her life, and now she needs to return the favor. 
This was something similar that recently happened to me, and the thought occurred in my head. Although it wasn't spring, I said it was spring in my piece to allow weather to foreshadow and tell more about my two sentence story. 


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