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I have no idea what this is. An... expression of my subconscious... ? If you can come up with a meaning, I’ll gladly steal it and say that was my intention. XD

Writing Streak Week 8 Day 1

September 1, 2020


You are standing in an empty street. It’s raining. It’s dark. Flashing lights reflect off the wet concrete.

An ambulance drives away. 

There’s a person in the ambulance. Their blond hair is wounded. Dull scissors snip away at the split ends. The person cries out in pain. The hair keeps falling. It fills the floor of the ambulance, golden strands around your feet.

An ambulance drives away.

You look up, and you’re in a barn. The strands are hay. Three horses munch on it. They tell you between bites that you are lost. You agree. After a moment, you start munching on the hay too. The horses begin galloping toward you. 

You are knocked to the ground. Your hair hurts, and it’s wet. You squint, and in the distance, a siren wails. Red lights flash.

An ambulance drives away.


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  • Lata.B

    I love how you're so good at 3rd person point of veiw.. haha cuz i suck

    about 2 months ago
  • Stumbling Conundrum

    Replying: Thank you so much for your kind words! <3

    about 2 months ago