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°The Catcher in the Rye by J. D. Salinger
°The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd
°Life of Pi by Yann Martel

Writing Streak 8 Day 4

September 2, 2020


You open your eyes and find yourself in a field full of sunflowers. You feel the warmth of the late summer sun dispersing on your skin and leaving constellations of freckles behind. A ladybug is exploring the surface of your pants and its soft pressure tickles your leg underneath. The calming call of the crickets and rustling of the leaves you are used to hear on a twilight evening fail to reach your ears. A dead silent fall of the sun, it must be.

 But, when holding your breath and trying to block out your steady heartbeat, you swear you can distinguish muffled voices hidden in the silence of the sunflowers. You press your ear against the dirt, cold from not being reached by the sun, and the sounds of talking become clearer. You fervently dig a hole into the ground and soon bump into a metal surface. As you want to excavate it further, you feel something touching your back. It feels as if needles were stabbing you, going from ten to millions at a time. You try to crawl out of the hole, only to find the sunflowers bowed down with their heads facing you. Their leaves are crinkling, louder and louder, coming closer, until the sky is blocked out from your view and the once bright yellow colours turn into a darkness suffocating your thoughts. You are being shoved against the ground again, the flowers entangling your arms and legs and pushing you through the metal plate. 

The muffled voices burst into screams. Your scream is one of them too.

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  • elliem

    WOW. This is so powerful and creative and beautiful and just wow. I wish I could say it better. I liked the symbolism of the sunflowers bending their heads towards your character.

    3 months ago