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This could use a lot of editing, haha. Any critiques would be much appreciated! Please let me know if you'd be interested in more chapters.

Deathrush - Prologue

September 3, 2020


Jabir Reed gently sketched along the back of the empty envelope, darkening the shadows cast on the neck by a soft jaw. Flipping the pencil, he brought down the very edge of it’s eraser, carefully adding contrast to the shines in those smiling dark eyes. He dragged out a few more lines, making the long, straight hair peeking from behind the figure's shoulders look even more black. He had no reference photo pulled up, but he didn’t need one. This was a face every detail of which was engraved into his memory. 
   Jabir lifted the pencil, tapping his chin thoughtfully as he scrutinized his brief sketch. It was good, but he came to the conclusion that no simple drawing could capture the expanse of the beauty of the subject.
   Sighing, he tucked the envelope into his carry-on bag. He then closed his eyes, resting his head against the plane’s window. According to the last report from the smiley flight attendant, they had only about twenty minutes until their arrival in New York. Getting some rest before he arrived might do him some good. Jabir chuckled at the thought, knowing he should’ve made that observation five hours ago.
   Suddenly, his phone vibrated in his lap. Typing in his password, Jabir found a new text from his sister, Asha. 
   You there yet? she asked.
   Not quite, he responded. Should be there in 15 tho
   Sweet. Don’t forget to send me pictures of, like, everything
   Jabir shook his head, smiling as he typed back.
   Of course. You’ve only been reminding me every single day
   The “typing” symbol flashed then left again. As he dropped his phone back onto his lap, it finally buzzed. Rolling his eyes at his own poor timing, he swiped back to Asha.
   And I want all the juicy details of how staying with Mei goes
   She paused, typing again.
   And stop pretending you’re “just friends”. We all know that’s not true (;
   Jabir grimaced, powering off his phone and fighting down the heat crawling it’s way up his cheeks. He loved his twin, but sometimes she had no grasp whatsoever on how some things were considered private or personal.
   All of a sudden, the plane lurched. Jabir’s breath caught, but he urged himself to calm down. It was just a quick turbulence. Things like that always happened and ended quickly. But this didn’t.
   They stayed in the air, but they moved more slowly, jerkily, and the plane was slightly tilted to the right.
   “What’s happening?” called the man behind him, followed by a series of similar queries and a rising panic.
   “Look!” cried a woman near the front of the right side of the plane, pointing out her window. Ignoring the earlier enforced safety remarks, the passengers scurried from their seats, crowding around the windows to see what the woman was referring to.
   Using his above average height to his advantage, Jabir peered out the window over the heads of the pack, drawing in a breath of shock.
   The right wing of the plane was frozen solid. It was coated in a thick layer of jagged ice that, realistically, only could’ve formed at an altitude much higher than the one they were at, and even then, why wouldn’t the left wing be in a similar state?
   Hurrying back to his side of the plane, Jabir peered past the glass, only to find the left wing in prime condition. About to turn away and head back to study the icicle of a wing on the right side, something else out this window caught his eye.
   Miles below them was another of the dots Jabir had come to recognize as a car. But something was off about this one. He had to stare at it a while before he realized. This car was still directly under them, just as it had been over a minute ago when he first spotted it. It was keeping perfect pace with the plane. But that wasn’t possible. Then again, as he was reminded by the shouts of passengers across the aisle, that wasn’t the first science-defying thing he’d witnessed in the past ten minutes.
   Suddenly, the plane shook again, and the air was filled with screams, devastating screams of terror as opposed to the confused ones surrounding them just a second earlier. A bolt of lightning had struck the plane, directly on the iced off area of the right wing. It had come from a clear sky, but right now, that was the least of anyone’s concerns. In a weakened state from the grasp of cold, the tip of the wing had cracked completely off, spiraling to the earth below. The rest of the plane soon followed.
   The flight attendant and a man who had emerged from the cockpit were yelling commands, but they were drowned out by the passengers' own shrieks. As they fell rapidly toward the ground, in the moments before they made contact and the world went black for all of them, Jabir dazedly pieced together what he had seen out that window. 
   The lightning hadn’t come miraculously from the sky.
   It had come from below them.
   It had come from the car.
Here's the start of a fantasy novel I've been working on! If this gets good reviews, I'll try to start posting some of the chapters. Hope you enjoy! (PS. The title is most certainly subject to change. It'll probably have a different name every time I post a new chapter, but hopefully I'll find a good one eventually, haha)


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    NEED to know what happens next!!! Does he live???? Really enjoyed this and I need the next chapter!!!

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