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In My Dreams

September 4, 2020

Day 1 
You're falling.
   Colors and shapes blur around you as you plummet, but you pay them no mind. You're too busy bracing yourself for the impact.
   Which never comes.
   You've been falling forever, but you have yet to meet the bottom. Realizing this, you finally release the tension from your shoulders, giving up.
   Bad timing.
   You hit the ground hard, head cracking back violently. All the air leaves your body. You lay there a minute in shock, gasping to suck in a breath.    Eventually, you shakily make your way to your feet and take in your surroundings, massaging the back of your pounding head.
   It seems you're in a forest. But all the colors are wrong.    The leaves hanging from the baby blue branches and spread across the creamy white dirt are shades of pink and purple. As you look up at them on the tree, you see that the sky is a gradient of soft yellows.
   Looking back down, you spot a large pile of leaves in front of you that you hadn't noticed before. A smile tickles the corner of your lips.
   You hadn't done this in a long while, and it's probably the last thing you should be doing right now, but once the idea came, there was no removing it.
   With a giddy grin, you take a step back, before sprinting forward and diving into the pile of candy-colored leaves.
   But you never hit the ground beneath.
   Leaves fly up in all directions and spiral around you as you dive past them into the abyss beneath. And once again, You're falling.

Day 2   
  You've finally landed yourself a lead role! You go through your script book, highlighting, highlighting, highlighting. There's a line for you on every page! You work all day memorising lines. You feel pretty confident.
   The next day, you head to the first rehearsal, ready to meet all the other actors and get started on blocking.
   But when you get there, everyone already seems to know one another.
   And the set is already built, painted, and on the stage.
   And everyone is already in costume.
   And an angry looking director is storming her way toward you.
   "About time," she mutters, grabbing you by the arm and yanking you into the dressing room. "You've missed every single rehearsal. Today is opening night!"    Missed... every rehearsal? You never miss rehearsal! And you'd usually be kicked out for missing even two total rehearsals without a good excuse. But she doesn't seem to be sending you away... You suppose you're glad.
   After you've been given a rough makeup job, gotten a long, silk dress thrown over your head, and had your tangled hair twisted up fancily, you're ushered onto the stage. And somehow, while you were backstage, the audience all came in and had been waiting for you.
   Oh, well. This is definitely not how you expected your experience to go, but now you were already in the wings, and luckily, you had all your lines memorized. You paste on a smile and take your place onstage. 
   As you listen to your fellow actors say their lines, however, your smile begins to drop.
   This is not the script you had prepared for.
   You stand there, shocked, as the others improv around your lack of speech.
End scene

Day 3  
   "You know how we haven't visited Grandma much lately due to the pandemic?" your mother asks you. You nod.
   "Well, I think I'm going to go visit her today."
   "What are you two going to do together?"
   She tilts her head thoughtfully.  
 "We're going to..." she starts, then pauses. Eventually, she nods as though she's made her decision. "We're going to brush our teeth together."
   You understand.

Day 4
"I hate you!" she screams, shoving you hard. You stumble, finding nothing to catch yourself on, and fall to the ground. She comes down on top of you, pinning you to the ground as tears spill from her cheeks onto yours.
  You don't understand. She's usually such a sweet girl, your best friend, but something must of happened. And it must've been your fault.
   She pulls back her arm, landing a hard slap on your face. You gasp at the sharp sting and try to roll away. Unfortunately, she has you pinned well, and lands another hit as she chokes out sobs.
  "I-I don't understand-" you gasp, trying to break through to her. It only makes it worse.
   "Of course you don't understand," she wailed. "How could you?"
   You lay there frozen for a moment as her tears continue to soak your face.
   You realize you're not mad at her for this treatment at all. You just want to make her feel better. But whatever it was you did must've been horrible, as she still won't clue you in.
   So rather than risk making the situation worse by speaking up, you lay there motionless, receiving blow after blow as tears now stream from both of your eyes.

  Day 5
Your head slips below the water and it envelopes you fully. You try kicking your arms and legs to rise back above the surface with no luck. It's as if there are weights tied to your ankles, dragging you down.
   You thrash and flail, trying to free yourself from the invisible parasite. But it seems the more you struggle, the further down you sink.
   So you stop struggling.
   You're now in a sort of dazed state, watching bubbles rise from your lips and feeling the embrace of the ocean. It's actually rather pleasant. As your air supply runs short and your conscience begins to slip, you find yourself breathing in.
   Your eyes fly open. You inhale again, no water entering your mouth. You take a few more deep breaths, smiling giddily in the feeling it brings you.
  You're breathing in air.
I think these are all extremely strange in their own way.


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