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Writing Streak: Week 8, Day 1

August 31, 2020


    You watch the old woman as she shuffles down the street, dragging her heels in the pavement like her shoes are loose and have rubbed the backs of her ankles raw. You watch the old woman step to the side of the crowd and stretch her back and shoulders, which seem to be in a permanent slump, as sweat shines off of her well-worn face. You watch as she settles herself on a nearby bench, holding her purse in her lap and with her ankles properly crossed, eyes screwed shut tightly against the sun. You wonder, Just how long has this lonely lady been walking? Out of worry for the poor woman, and sheer curiosity, you hesitantly make your way towards her, wringing your hands all the way and doing your best to avoid the traffic around you. When you finally make your way to her lonely bench, you take a deep breath, anxiety tying your insides into knots.
    Clearing your throat, you finally say, "Excuse me, ma'am?" And the lady looked up at you, not unkindly. She said nothing, but sat up straighter, and her warm eyes met yours with a smile to show that you held her attention. "Are you alright?" Slowly, she turned her face back towards the harsh sun and sighed a sigh that held the weight of the world.
    "I am listening." You blink in surprise. That was not the answer you were expecting. How exactly were you supposed to respond to that? The woman, sensing your confusion, elaborated, "My husband and I walked to this bench every Saturday morning for 65 years. I buried him a few days ago." It was only then that you noticed that she was clutching a ring in her left hand. "We sat on this bench and just listened to the world around us. Observed it changing." You nod your head in understanding, though she still had her eyes wound shut. Just as you were about to turn away, the woman spoke again, "Would you like to join me?"
    After only a moment of hesitation, you say nothing, but settle down beside her. You fold your hands in your lap and properly cross your ankles. You let your eyes screw shut against the hot, afternoon sun. And you listened to the world around you.


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1 Comment
  • Jo Margaux

    This is so sad and beautiful! I love it!

    5 months ago