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I really need to work up my poetry, I'd appreciate reviews and I could do a review for you if you ask for one.


August 30, 2020


clouds move across the sky only when I lay still 
like herds of elephants, families travel around their world
larger elephants accompany the younger ones
elder elephants lead the adult ones to learn how to lead the herd

"Help me do the laundry!" my mom called.

My bubble is popped
The clouds are no longer moving
They are again, the same puffs of condensated water
Still in the air, yet always there

today I'm laying on the grass again
the clouds are like subordinates to other things
they parted fast to allow a jet to pass
clouds are peaceful beings; they only make such sudden movements when they're frightened

"Let's play volleyball!" my friend called to me. 

My train of thought snaps
The clouds are still in the air again, yet always there

I find it funny how I don't recognize the movement of the clouds
until I stop noticing others
I like to write things that convey a central method, and I'm not the type to simply write a poem about how it feels to sit under a tree or immerse myself in ocean-water. 
I'll write the "If Poker Cards Were People" tomorrow, for some reason I wasn't in the mood for writing it today. I'm not the type to procasinate a lot either ;)


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  • Busssy.Beee

    I can't every describe clouds the way they sound in my head. Your description here is so , I don't know how to say. I'm speechless!
    Re: No need to thank me, you deserve it, author!

    12 months ago