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Ignore all the typos. (Lol I am writing this without specs)
Its a raw page of my diary. I hope it's not too random.

A page of my diary, written after watching Lady Bird

August 31, 2020


Dear Diary
I am writing this after watching Lady Bird.
It makes me feel how sometimes I am ungrateful to my mother for all what she does. But dude teenage is this tsunami of emotions. I feel stuck in a quagmire.
I could relate to the protogonist so well. The time when she said that what if it's the best version of her, I felt like my inner voice telling it. My mother is a person who never shows love for me. I mean she won't appreciate my achievements. Because she knows that she wants the best version of me. I also run behind my dreams and somewhere unknowingly my decisions hurt others. I am not selfish. If I am then I am sorry mum. I understand all the problems. I also care about everyone's feelings. I also accept how stubborn I am. I love the way I am.
It's just that I don't have a way to show my love for you. I agree I shout at you, sometimes scream, misbehave. It's all a way?! To show my love.
I don't know if you will find this page of my diary. But if you then I am sorry and a heartful thanks for raising me... raising a girl like me. It's a big job I say. Thanks!
~Samina, 3.28 AM 31 August 2020
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  • poetri

    um yes yes yes lady bird is the greatest movie. i loved it so much and related to the character with every fiber of my being

    about 2 months ago
  • V-Rose


    about 2 months ago
  • EliathRose

    So raw and beautiful! I love this!

    about 2 months ago