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Do Soulmates Exist?

August 30, 2020

PROMPT: Beyond Reason

Do Soulmates Exist?
Are nights spent restlessly, while you swim amongst their thoughts?                                                                                     Do piles of gold weep as they look at you, for you are the most treasured                                                                            Or do they laugh at your thoughts that you are worth a single notion?                                                                                 Does their heart beat to the cadence of your words, is their favourite song the lilting of your accent                                    Or do your smiles drift amongst the clouds, forgotten?                                                                                                         Are you ever-present in their mind, a promise that one day life will look up and they'll gaze into your eyes                           Or are you another passing stranger, this one with a red bag rather than a blue one                                                             Utterly forgettable, aside from your bleeding bag and heart                       
Using the prompt, I tried to write about soulmates because that was the best question I could think of, aside from "Why Are We Here?", and that's too much for me!


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1 Comment
  • PureHeart

    Cool piece, and great use of the prompt!

    9 months ago