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This is Chapter 9 of my Hunger Games fan fiction book. This is based off the characters and settings in The Hunger Games books by Suzanne Collins. This book starts at the time of Catching Fire, after Gale has recovered from his whipping but before the secret twist of the Quarter Quell has been announced. This is first-person from Katniss’ perspective. I hope you enjoy! If you have any questions, you can comment and I’ll do my best to reply!

Escape from District 12, Chapter 9

September 6, 2020


 “Peeta is alive?” I exclaim, falling into step with Twill as she takes me back towards where she said Bonnie is.
 “Yes,” she answers. My heart lightens tremendously, though I’m still not completely free of worry.
  Peeta is alive. He didn’t drown. He’s alive, but in what kind of condition? How badly was he stung, and how did he escape the stream? 
  “How did that happen? How did you find him, I mean?” I ask, walking quickly to keep up with Twill.
 “We were looking for a shelter,” she tells me, “Originally, we would have been far away from this part of the forest, but when we were going down a steep hill, Bonnie tripped and hurt her foot even more, so she just couldn’t. The first few days were so bad, poor Bonnie couldn’t move. We have been sleeping out under the trees, but it’s been so cold, we decided to try to find a better shelter. She had improved quite a bit, though she was still limping. We had seen this cave from a distance before, so we were headed there. We stopped to carve a few of the mockingjay symbols into the trees. We were hoping you might see them if you were out here, and if you found us, you could help us. We really need some blankets and something for Bonnie’s foot,” Twill takes a deep breath, “When we realized we had to cross the stream, I was worried. It’s so deep, and the water is so strong, I wasn’t sure we could do it. We were about to head back the other way and look for something else,” Twill starts walking faster, “But then Bonnie saw something on the opposite side of the stream. Someone, actually. He was lying on the bank, and he wasn’t moving. It looked like he had barely dragged himself out of the stream.”
  My heart pounds. Twill sees my expression and hurries on.
 “Bonnie was panicking. I told her we needed to stay calm, and be careful. For one thing, we didn’t know who it was; not many people come out here, and it’s illegal anyway. Secondly, the stream is dangerous, and I didn’t want either of us to fall in and not be able to get out again. So I looked around for the best place to cross, and I found a section where there were a few rocks that we could try to walk over on. Still, the current pushed at our feet, and the rocks were slippery. Bonnie almost fell in, with her limp and all, but we went slowly and got about halfway across. Then I realized that there was a huge gap in between us and the bank. I wasn’t sure what to do, since I knew we couldn’t swim over there. I thought maybe we should turn around, and I started too, but Bonnie didn’t want to. I told her we might could find another way, but before I could stop her, she jumped,”
  I stare at Twill in terror at the story.
 “She jumped?”
 “Yes,” Twill answers solemnly, “I just knew she would fall and drown. I was frozen to the spot, watching. Then, as I watched, she landed on the bank. She actually made it, but the impact hurt her leg even worse,”
 Twill shakes her head at the memory, the same way I do when I remember the arena.
 “She cried out in pain, and collapsed to the ground. I decided I could make it, so I jumped too, narrowly landing on solid ground and avoiding the water. Once I was there, I rushed over to her. Bonnie had tears in her eyes from the pain. I knew she must have completely broken her foot. I asked her to let me see it, but she refused. Bonnie insisted we help whoever it was that was injured on the bank. ‘You can’t walk!’ I told her. She said, ‘It doesn’t matter. I can walk enough to help him.’ She stood up and made herself walk over to the victim of the water.”
 “He was lying on his face, but we turned him over as gently as we could,” Twill rubs her forehead, “Bonnie recognized him immediately. ‘It’s Peeta Mellark!’ She said. I studied his face. It was him, undoubtedly. He was still breathing, and we figured out that he was unconscious. We wondered what he was doing out here, but we assumed you must be out here too. Bonnie noticed he had a couple Tracker Jacker stings, which surprised me and made me concerned. I figured he would have been on the lookout for them, after the Games. We pulled out the stingers, I hope that was the right thing to do,” Twill looks at me fearfully, but I nod. She sighs and continues, “Oh, good. We weren’t completely sure. They didn’t look too bad, but his face was all bruised, and he had a big, bloody cut down his forearm. I think he almost drowned in the stream.” Twill says, and I shudder at the descriptions. I want to ask about how he is right now, but she keeps talking before I can force out the words.
 “It was freezing cold, and Peeta was soaked. We decided to try to get him back to the cave, and maybe we could get him warmed up a little. We had to drag him, and Bonnie was in so much pain. We had to stop and rest a couple times, and one time she carved that last symbol on the tree. We knew you must be out here somewhere nearby, so we thought maybe you would see it and know we were close by too. Once we got Peeta back to the cave, we did what we could about his injuries, but we don’t  really have any supplies. I remembered that in the Games you used a kind of plant for the stings, but I wasn’t sure what kind. As for his cut, we wrapped his arm in a piece of fabric, but it was bleeding really heavily. We both wanted to help him, and Bonnie’s leg was in really bad shape by then. We stayed there and hoped he would wake up. But eventually, with the wound on his arm really needing stitches, I decided to come look for you. I’m afraid his cut might get infected.I knew I had to find help, because Peeta is still in trouble and Bonnie can’t walk anymore. I’ve been gone for a couple hours, searching. Peeta was still unconscious when I left. I almost couldn’t go; the two of them looked so vulnerable in there, but I knew I had to find you. You can help, right?”
  Twill looks at me hopefully and I gulp down my terror. Can I help? I can maybe find the leaves for Peeta’s stings, but I can’t heal a broken foot or sew up a gaping wound without a needle and thread. I’m furious with myself for not thinking to bring one. Then it hits me that maybe my mother has one with her. Twill is still watching me, wanting an answer, so I reply, “Yeah, I think I can help. Are we almost there?”
 Twill nods and gestures ahead.
 “It’s just up around this hill.”
 We hurry around a large hill, barren in this weather. As we come around, I see the mouth of a small cave opening in the side of the hill. It’s not too different from my temporary home in the arena. 
   As we approach it, I’m afraid of what I’ll find.  Exactly how bad is Peeta? Bad like how I was after I was stung by the Tracker Jackers, or bad like it’s only a matter of time until he’s gone? I swallow hard. My eyes are starting to burn. I’m not sure I’m prepared for this. I’ve seen Peeta close to dead before, and I’m not ready to go through it again.
   Right outside the cave, I stop nervously. Twill looks at me fidgeting, and I bite my lip. Then I take a deep breath, and I know I have to go in.
   Twill goes in first. I follow right behind, stepping into the semidarkness, blinking and looking around. Immediately, I see Bonnie is on one side of the cave, leaning against the wall. Her foot is propped out awkwardly in front of her. She sees me and a big grin spreads across her face.
 “Katniss!” She cries delightedly. I force myself to smile. I brace myself for whatever I’m going to see. It turns out it’s not what I was expecting.
   Peeta is awake. I watch him as if I’m dreaming. He’s sitting up, not too far away from Bonnie. He must have been talking to her, but his look of concentration quickly changes to relief when he sees me. His face is bruised, and I can see some welts on his hands that must be stings. His right forearm is tightly wrapped in a piece of fabric, and the material is visibly stained with blood. He probably does still need stitches. But I can tell by the look in his eyes, the same brightness and alertness that I’m so used to, that he’s okay. He’s really going to be okay. 
  “Katniss!” Peeta exclaims, “I was so worried about you!”
He is smiling in relief, and he slowly climbs to his feet. This movement is what calls me back into the moment.
“Me?” I cry in a voice not quite my own, dropping my game bag on the ground and hurrying over to him. I lock onto him, and he puts his arms around me.
 “I thought you drowned, Peeta! I thought... I thought I killed you!” I have no idea where this comes from, and why I say it.
 “What?” Peeta asks in confusion, “What do you mean ‘killed me’?”
 “I mean I abandoned you,” I choke out, my eyes burning again as I bury my face in his shoulder, “I ran to the stream and I didn’t even make sure you were with us!”
 For some reason, I keep thinking about how I ran from the mutts in the arena. I didn’t even think about Peeta. I was trying to get away myself, and I didn’t try help him even though he was hurt.
Peeta’s voice is soothing so close to my ear. He says, “It wasn’t your fault. You did the right thing. If you had stopped, you would probably would have died. Besides, I was the one who lost sight of Gale. I was trying to follow him.”
  This comforts me a little. He’s got a point, I guess. And it really doesn’t do any good worrying about it; we both survived.
 “I’m so glad you’re alive,” I mumble.
 “I’m so glad you’re alive,” he answers, “You know I couldn’t live without you.”
  Surprisingly, this sort of ruins the moment. This kind of comment really rubs me the wrong way. Why does he say things like that? What does he mean, anyway? He couldn’t live without me because I saved his life in the arena? Or is it something more than that?
   I finally pull back enough to look at his face.
 “What happened to you at the stream?” I ask, as Peeta releases me from his hold. I straighten up and brush back my hair. 
 “I’ll tell you in a bit,” he says, “You know enough for the moment. I want to know more about what happened to you, too, but that can wait. I told Bonnie our story, and she just finished telling me theirs. We have to help them, Katniss.”
   I nod, looking down at his wrapped arm.
 “Yes,” I say, “Yes, they have to come with us.”
 I look at Bonnie and Twill. Twill is smiling at us in relief and appreciation. Bonnie’s eyes are filled with tears and she’s smiling so big you would think she just had her lifelong dream come true.
 “How about it?” Peeta asks, “Do you want to come with us?”
Bonnie clasps her hands together and whispers like a small child, “You really mean it?”
 “Of course,” I answer gently.
 “We wouldn’t leave you, and we also owe you. Well, I do,” Peeta says.
 “Thank you!” Bonnie exclaims in excitement.
  Bonnie and Twill take turns thanking us at least five times.
 “You’re welcome. Really,” I say, suddenly feeling exhausted. Then, looking at Bonnie’s foot, I add, “I’m sure my mother has something you can take to help with your foot. She’s skilled with things like that.”
  Finally, I look outside the cave into the the woods to find that it’s late afternoon. 
  “We have to get back to the others,” I tell Peeta hurriedly, “I promised Gale I would be back before dark.”
 He nods, thinking.
 “How will we get back across the stream?” Asks Bonnie timidly.
 I consider this. We were really headed in this direction anyway. I look around the cave. It might be a little snug, but it could fit all of us. It would be a good shelter for the night.
  “We’ll bring the others back here,” I decide, “We were coming this way, so if we can get the others across the stream than we can all stay here tonight.”
 Peeta nods and says, “Do you think we can get the others safely across?”
 “We can figure out something,” I answer confidently, “We can take our time now.”
 Peeta agrees. Bonnie and Twill say it sounds like a good plan. I leave my game bag in the corner, wishing I had brought some kind of food to give Bonnie and Twill to snack on. I can tell they’re both hungry, but all I have is the rabbit I shot, but I don’t have time to cook it right now. I promise them a good meal when we return, feeling very hungry myself, and I say, “Peeta, are you sure you’re well enough to come?”
 “Yes, I’m sure,” he answers. This time, I’ll take his word for it.
  We start to leave. Suddenly, Twill asks, “Should I come too? Do you need my help?”
 I bite my lip and say, “I think you should probably stay here. I don’t want Bonnie to be left alone.”
 Everyone agrees, and we hurry off.
 It’s getting darker and darker. As we walk, I look sideways at Peeta. He’s walking slowly, but he seems to be doing okay. He sees me watching him and smiles.
 “I’m fine. I’m not going to just fall over, Katniss,” Peeta says. I look back ahead of me and he asks, “What happened with you after the Tracker Jackers came after us?”
 I tell him the summary. He nods understandingly. When I’m done, I ask, “So what happened when you were running to the stream?”
 “I lost sight of Gale,” Peeta shakes his head, “Then I just kept going. I only got stung twice. I still made it to the stream, but I didn’t realize how swift it was until I was already out in the middle. I didn’t think it would be over my head. I didn’t have time to really consider my options. I started hallucinating some too, and I can’t remember everything; my memories are a little unclear. I do know that the current swept me a little ways downstream. I can’t swim, I’ve never been in water like that before. My head kept going under, but I came up just in time to see a big rock that I was barely able to grab onto. Of course, it happened to be really jagged, and it sliced my arm pretty badly,” Peeta frowns and touches his arm, “But I held on, and from there I did my best to get to the other bank. I thought I was going to drown. I must have swallowed a gallon of water. Somehow, I grabbed onto the bank, and I pulled myself out as much as I could. Then I think I passed out,” Peeta sighs.
 “I didn’t think you could swim,” I say quietly, “Peeta, you really scared me. I thought you died!”  Anger flares up inside me and my voice rises for some unknown reason. The feeling passes in a moment and I feel bad. It wasn’t his fault, so why am I upset with him?
 “I’m sorry,” I mutter. Before Peeta can answer, I hear something. It’s a sound growing louder and louder. A voice; small, human, and all too familiar. She’s calling, no, she’s screaming my name.
 I take off running, Peeta following behind. I’m heading towards the stream.
 “Prim!” I shout, adrenaline coursing through me at the terror in her voice. What is she doing? Where is she?
  As I near the stream, I see her. She’s standing on a rock in the middle of the water, her eyes wide. I’m racing towards her, but I’m not fast enough. Where is Gale? Why is she by herself? She teeters, desperately trying to keep her balance. Then, just as I reach the bank, she falls.
I watch her as she lands with a splash in the stream, no more than a tiny baby bird in the cruel, cold water.


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  • Bhavya's Treasure

    Twill shakes her head at the memory, the same way I do when I remember the arena.' the instances which remind her of the arena make this all feel real indeed!

    And Peeta's dialogue that 'rubs off Katniss the wrong way' and afterthoughts in her head are amazing indeed.
    Oooohhhh the ending is sending shivers down my spine!!
    The innocent Prim in the stream... Noooo! What happened to others? Have they been caught?


    Wonderful job!
    Well, I felt in this piece 'I' is balanced well. :D

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    okay okay okay so you really just keep making everything work out okay and then add in some horrible twist at the last minute right when it feels like everything is FINALLY going well?!?!? i'm gonna have a heart attack girl. :)))) this is amazing though i can't wait for the next part!

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    Replying: Would you like me to republish the writing asking to go to your account for another sequel? This topic is like passing the ball, hahahahaha. Good luck on your piece!

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    Replying: I love Tolkien's works, he's my favorite author in history. I'm not a huge Monopoly expert, and I'm thinking you could do a continuation of it! Though, please feature me and FantasyOtter12, the one who wrote "If Chess Pieces Were People."

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    Re: that's actually a brilliant idea XD

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  • ~madeline~

    Hmm... I love the writing, but I have no idea what's going on XD Maybe I should read Hunger Games :)

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  • V-Rose

    I am obsessed as well. Now, please excuse me while I go cry and worry! *muffled screams in the background as I scream into a pillow* That was both so good and so terrible. Let me elaborate. It was amazing! I love what happened. As a fellow writer, I can see how amazing this is. As a reader, I feel my heart shattering into a million pieces. I hope you understand.

    Also, just a thought. I kind of thought Twill's story was a little too descriptive. Some description is good to help the reader understand, but too much makes it sound less like she's talking and more like Katniss is actually seeing it. And you might think about separating some of it into new paragraphs just because some are a little long. Just a few thoughts on Twill's story. It's totally up to you of course, though!

    *smiling through my tears and fear*

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    Ah, I see this is like a fanfic of the Hunger Games,
    Also is your username a reference to the Lord of the Rings?

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