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symphony in [me] major

September 1, 2020



her lips are silver, her voice glitter dusted. look at how easily her consonants sing.

tell me, do you listen to her words just to hear her voice? oh yes, you idolize her “luminesce”s, “incandesce”s, and “phosphoresce”s.

i do. my midnight hummings shudder chills down my throat, sometimes. the tune, it seeps through my eyelids. i watch the song’s shadow writhe on the walls.

but does it scare you? because last night i realized what it sounds like through walls. hush. when you sing, please use your inside voice. 

my inside voice is silence. 

yes, a classic. everybody loves a good classic.

songs sung under my breath never feel your ears. words carpeted beneath the music float differently in my mind’s tears. my melody.

never expect their melody to fit the rhythm of yours.

i wish you could hear the symphony in my head. they’re playing right now; catch a seat if you can. 

how hard can it be? no seat’s taken.

if you must know, the entry’s a high fee. just me in the audience and me onstage, wondering when will the music start.

well here’s to your loneliness.

incoherence, incoherence, and everything in between is beauty up and down here. consciousness is the stubborn force to which i bow (i can’t hear the notes when i don’t).

and here’s to your incoherent head. your incoherent head that’s only silent when you’re asleep.

i hope you get tickets there someday. you’ll hate it. it’s never silent.
i've never heard the songs i play when i’m away before.


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  • kealoha

    Wow, this is just gorgeous. I love the concept so much

    3 months ago
  • PureHeart

    The introduction is so captivating and the writing in italics are amazing!

    3 months ago
  • FantasyOtter12

    The title is just so good XD

    3 months ago
  • Paisley Blue

    Wow, this is so beautiful and raw and it blew me away <3 amazing piece

    3 months ago